FFVII Remake Subforum Reshuffle (Spoiler threads will be no more)


Hi folks,

I think it's well past the time we put the spoiler threads in the general FFVII:R section - the spoiler threads don't show up unless you actually go there and interact with them in some way, which no doubt stifles some discussion.

The threads will still be spoiler tagged but over the coming days I'm going to either put all the spoiler threads back into the general section (where they will be publicly visible and show up on "new posts" for everyone) or I'll change the permissions for the subforum so that the same thing happens.

If people have questions or suggestions please leave them in here and we can discuss :)
I'm going to either put all the spoiler threads back into the general section
Please don't do that, just leave it as an open Part 1 historical archive of spoilers. And later do the same with next Remake parts. It's nice having it structured as 1 thread per game chapter, after all. Or else it will be a mess... in the future.
A future rigged by Sephiroth. :mon:


Fire and Blood
I was thinking moving the threads was a good idea until I read @Sephiroth Crescent post... looking further in the future, yes, it might be better to leave those posts where they are - you could maybe open the subforum, I don't know? Let it be treated as this section is?


I am leaning more toward that now than I was when I made this thread. I don't really like the idea of those posts getting muddled up with everything in the main remake section, and if it accomplishes the same thing (making them public), why bother messing with it?

The only concern I have is subforum clutter (too many). But I suppose that's a problem for Part 2...
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