FFVII Versions FAQ

Things added:
- List of PC-specific FMVs
- Disc FMV Mechanics and Disc Swap trick
- Mention of the French and Spanish localizations for the PC.
Edit: DLPB is now credited for his contributions. Many thanks.

I thank X-Soldier for accepting my request to make this thread into a Sticky.

Also, here is an FFVII video I uploaded that by the end contains some empty text boxes which most likely are filled with text in the Japanese version (although I do not yet have the means to unlock this text in that version).

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I had a word with the creator of Makou reactor about the script you mentioned, and he has shown me how to fix the error in just 1 move :) You were right, the error does occur in the church.

Does that person you mentioned know of any more script errors of this nature?
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