Apparently (according to this japanese doujinshi artist I follow) Tseng's face is based on an actor called Tatsuya Fujiwara, who is just about the last person I would have chosen for a faceclaim

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From the little I've heard so far, the English VAs aren't that great either imo. Every trailer I see is pushing me to play with subtitles and Japanese VA.

The voice acting worries me. Everything feels scripted instead of natural and reactive. It may have something to do with these being trailers, though, outside the natural flow of the game. I'm hoping so.

Aerith.. on the other hand.. looks HOT.


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Just watched the new trailer, and dang, HYPE AT MAX LEVELS again!! So much good stuff, Turks lookin' good, peeks of Wall Market and the battle at the Sector 7 pillar, Aerith's church, and more! And let me just say this about Aerith sizzlin' in her Wall Market outfit:


Aerith is gorgeous!! :hearteyes::hearteyes::hearteyes: :hearteyes: :hearteyes: :hearteyes: :hearteyes: :hearteyes: :hearteyes: :hearteyes:

And that that scene of Cloud, Barret, and Tifa looking out over the ruins of Sector 7... just haunting. Gives you a real sense of scope of the devastation.


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I mean, I don't know what else to say. This game looks incredible.

So Sephiroth's Guardians of Destiny now torment other people too, like monsters.

And love the name drop of the Wutai remnants from President Shinra. Because the Wutai insurgency definitely were aligned with AVALANCHE during the early days of Shinra batting away AVALANCHE. That's just... Such a delicous touch.

The Turks look amazing. Glad to see Reno isn't above using some Time Magic materia to even the odds against Cloud :monster:

The new SOLDIER enemy pullin' a Loz and fighting while motorcycle chasing is too sweet. As are all the mini-games and battles.

.... And Aerith looks amazing in her dress wear. Now I can't wait to see what Tifa looks like.

Yup. I feel 100% safe in pre-ordering this game, lol
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