Only 2 characters in FFVII move that fast without aid of materia.


And Loz. Who's a baby form Sephiroth. :monster:

No one's flash-steppin' in FFVII without materia. Unless Reno did some level grindin' on Floor 67 and did a SOLDIER regiment, I don't know how he'd be moving so quickly without aid of "Haste."

I mean it could well be Haste but if it isn't I wouldn't be surprised. He's famously supposed to be super-fast.


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Dunno if anyone noticed, but the music later in trailer seems to be a new version of "Those Who Fight Further" - the original FF7 boss music. Sound really good imo. :D
For those unfamiliar with Before Crisis lore, in this game the AVALANCHE member Shears recognizes Reno and Rude with the following titles/traits:

"Reno, the fastest of the Turks."

"Rude, the strongest of the Turks."

I've been waiting for an FFVII title to appropriately show a "Speed Demon Reno". The new trailer finally gave me what I've so longed for: A speedster Reno who can competently fight against the likes of Cloud.

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@Shademp can I ask you to edit the new trailer into the top of the OP for this thread?
Done :monster:
Thanks for telling me! I had completely forgotten that I created this thread. :wacky:


trailer music starts with a new orchestration of Bombing Mission, then a CC-style Turks remix, then a big chunk of the the Guard Scorpion boss music.

AKSHUALLY, it's 'Scorpion Sentinel' now


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Scorpion Sentinel is such a great name change. I love it.

And Rude's skinny cause he's nothing but lean muscle under that suit. He dead ass throws Cloud Strife into Aerith and dealt DAMAGE to her.

"Mr. SOLDIER 1st Class... Do you even lift, bro?" -Rude

Throwning a person several feet into another as an attack is just a pure alpha energy, folks. Sleep on Rude at your peril. :monster:


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So with the Shiva and Ifrit summon materia now in Midgar, acquiring Red XIII be much less of a departure from realism. Not sure how I feel about that. I do like the fact that I may be able to do an “only OG Materia” challenge run, though!

Where do you suppose we’ll pick up Shiva and Ifrit? Mini game prizes? Secret bosses?
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