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I can only imagine the range of replies:

“omg AerTi forever :)

“oh no AerTi friendzone :(

“yay/boo Clerith/Cloti are/aren’t friends”

“why no Jessie :@

One of these days, I’ll make a bingo board for every usual response that this fanbase conjures up whenever two characters are shown doing anything together


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"Bike Day"

The artwork here is using the Cloud "biker" costume from the G-Bike mobile game, or at least that's what it looks like to me. The costume was only available at the tail-end of the game's service. Wouldn't surprise me if this artwork is straight from those G-Bike mobile game archives.

That details makes me bet that this was done all the way back when they were still working with CC2.

X :neo:
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