FFXV voice director to join the cast at EXP Con 2017

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Announced a few days ago via EXP Con’s twitter feed, Final Fantasy XV voice director Keythe Farley will be appearing alongside the previously announced voices of Noctis, Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus — Ray Chase, Adam Croasdell, Robbie Daymond, and Chris Parson.

In addition to being the voice director for FFXV and the acclaimed “God of War” series, Mr. Farley is an accomplished voice actor himself, having voiced Thane Krios in the “Mass Effect” series and Conrad Kellogg in “Fallout 4.” He also co-authored “Bat Boy: The Musical,” and directed its premiere.

If you haven’t purchased your tickets for EXP Con 2017 yet, there is still time. The event will be held October 27-29 in St. Augustine, Florida. Click here to visit the convention’s official webpage.


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So many awesome things are going to happen at this con. :monster:

Dude two weeks from now will be the day after the con. It's so close!

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Why exactly are you acting like you're a moderator?

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To be fair, we do have two news subs. One in the FFVII section, the other in the site & forum section. Both seem to be used for general FF and other news.

Edit: Actually we have three news sections, there's another for site-related news which on occasion have also been posted in the FFVII news subforum.
I honestly think we should just merge it all :monster:

(tbh I have been thinking about starting a discussion about the large amount of sub-forums and sub-sub-forums at some point, there's imo a lot of unnecessary categories and clutter on the main forum page)
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My understanding has always been that this section is for bringing awareness to the forum of articles posted on the front page; that News Reports is for bringing awareness to the forum of things of interest going on outside the site (e.g. newly announced official merchandise); and that Forum News & Information is for just that: news about the forum itself.

I will say News & Articles probably belongs alone at the top of the home page. Who has even noticed that it's sorted under the Compilation, though? I honestly didn't until Lulcy's post. Its purpose is clear.

As for the number of news sections, this one could maybe be merged with Forum News & Information, but all three sections have fulfilled distinct functions up to this point.


What we should do is draw a forum map and see where we can better streamline categories.

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I went ahead and made the change to put this section at the very top of the page, and outside the Compilation section.

I'll make a thread shortly to discuss whether we should just merge all the news sections, or if we should perhaps move the News Reports section (for SE shenanigans, etc.) into this one as a sub-forum.

In all reality, Forum News & Information probably belongs more with Feedback, Suggestions & Questions than here. In terms of function, that has been its closest kin.


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I just clicked into this thread because the section was new and all up-toppy. Glad to know that it literally just changed, and it wasn't just me going mad. :awesomonster:

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