I signed up months ago, but I don't think I'm going to play it. I loathe grind.

Also, WoW is six years old, and its graphics were dated even at the time, being only a little better than those used in Warcraft 3, which is eight years old. Besides, they aim at allowing as many people to play as possible, not at having cutting-edge graphics.

In the expansions, the areas have become more and more visually impressive, they've added some effects but, more importantly perhaps, gave the player more to look at. And they'll do a complete overhaul of the existing mainland in the coming expansion Cataclysm.

Finally, I'm kinda sure they're going to announce World of Starcraft soon (possibly within the next two years), which will probably have graphics comparable with Starcraft II. Which isn't the graphically most impressive game liek evar, but it compensates in gameplay. I hope.

Finally, pirates and good graphics don't make a good game.


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WoW's not that awesome :< its just like every other mmorpg out there but somehow gets hyped as awesomeness for thine mind. Its the halo of mmorpg's.

That said ill try out FF14 for a month or 3, ill for sure go for getting its max level in the open beta. And ill be playing on a female character. It is an M.M.O.R.P.G after all right?, many men online role playing girls :monster:


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For free stuff. Lots of guys will give you free stuff if they think you are a girl. :monster:

Also I like WoW so NO U.

My guild is awesome and that's all the matters. </3

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Never got into WoW really. I don't think a single character I had was higher than level ten when I stopped. It just didn't grab me, but it was ok.
I have as serious problem paying a monthly fee. Which is why I'd have to have a lot of friends in FF14 before I'd even consider it. I also found Wow (and MMOs in general) wildly repetitive, so any grinding urges I felt I could accomplish in Guild Wars while also being able to abandon it for months/years at a time without it costing me money.
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More screengrabs from around the net.

Oh yeah, remember how we were talking about graphics? Well apparently they're not even 30 percent done so this isn't even the graphics at medium settings according to the folks playing, and reports from reps.
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You can notice pretty easy though, flat textures, no reflections on the water, static lighting and whatnot.

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If this game is anything like FFXI I'm not gonna play it. I think they had an episode on Welcome to the NHK! about the basic flaws of that game, but here goes.

Soloing is absolutely not an option. You will need a party at some point, it mostly depends on your class. If you're a mage, you won't be able to solo past really early levels and if you're a warrior, you won't get very high (level 10 at the highest)

There's a nasty EXP cost every time you die, so should you die a couple of times, you can actually go down a couple of levels. Again, this makes the game a real pain in the ass even if you do have someone to res you because you still have the penalty which may make you too low if you were part of a party. It's just physically painful to play most of the time, and the only motivating factor would be if you're interested in the story. :\
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