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Looks like Type-0 is finally going to be on phones like it was originally planned to.

Some infos:

- Planned for release this winter for iOS and Android (Japan first/only, I'm guessing)
- Free to play (you pay for items)

- Takeharu Ishimoto is composing for it again.

- You can edit your character
- Graphics are nicer than the PSP version. No info on the gameplay systems except that you have a moogle with you.

- You carry out missions using action points that are regenerated over time
- There's a feature where the later story changed based on your 'decisions' (voting)
- Battles are fast paced and there's also a turbo mode, might be command-entry type system?
- There's also a system where if you befriend certain candidates/students they will help you out during the missions

Quotes from the Hajime Tabata interview (director of Type-0, producer of Agito):
"We wanted to show a story where the main characters of Type-0 lead a different fate. What we want to make now with smart phones is something where we can incorporate the things we were trying to do back then [with Type-0], while also letting the user experience the story in real time unlike Type-0.

It's a story where you can experience the first iteration of the cycle [of rebirth/reincarnation].

The story progresses in chapters, and once the story is finish it starts again from the beginning.

Using the votes from Decision system the story will alter.

Each chapter is set to be released every two weeks.

During the two weeks for 10 days it will be the solo play phase, and for 4 days the team play phase.

In solo play you take on missions individually, and in team play you challenge a boss.

There's a job system, and each job as their own unique abilities too.

Even if the time you're playing is different, you can play together asynchronously, which was something that was also in the mobile version [original Agito?]

The system is set up so even if you haven't developed your character much it'll support you through it.

The action points that you deplete during missions can be restored using purchasable items, and other paid elements include random abilities or continues when you fail a mission.

You can enjoy the game whether you know Type-0 or not, so he hopes you will download it."


Given Square's track record with IAP on their mobile games so far I'm a bit weary about that aspect (I thought they said they weren't going to do stuff like the random/'gacha' type systems anymore after All the Bravest). The whole 'time-based restoration of points' thing is pretty standard for mobile games too now (the Kingdom Hearts browser game does the same thing).

Though Square doing an smart phone version of something seems to sometimes be an indicator of some other development with a franchise (The World Ends With You hinted at a sequel with its iOS version, Theatrhythm gets an iOS/Android version and now there's a new trademark for something). So maybe there's another Type-0 related thing on the way?

I would get the PSP one but now I'm paranoid that as soon as I do, they are going to announce a Vita port or something :sadpanda: (Which would make sense given that they never released the PSP one overseas because it came out right at the end of the PSP's life cycle, so a Vita port would be the perfect chance to release an English one.)


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i don't know what you're problem is, paying for continues and random choice iap are great ideas

just look at all the bravest and tell me that isn't a good business model

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So, if I'm following the story bits correctly, this isn't so much a completely alternate telling as it is an earlier phase in the events that ultimately concluded with Type-0 on the PSP. That sound about right?
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So, a prequel? :monster:

eh, whatever.
I'm sorry because this is so not my style of things to do but...

If Type-0 does not eventually have a Western release, they can forget about me getting Agito.


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Didn't FFIII PSP get a digital-only release in the west? I don't see why they can't do that with Type-0, which can be played on the Vita (and Vita TV) as well.

idk square you don't make sense sometimes
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