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Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius


The hopes and dreams of
legendary warriors given life.

A world of crystals and the visions
that slumber within.

Harnessing the power of the crystals,
mankind prospered, nations flourished.
But just as day gives way to night,
that era of peace proved but a fleeting illusion.

Now, as their world stands on the precipice
of ruin, two young knights summon visions
to their side as they strike out on a journey
to chase the shadows.

So begins a new tale of crystals,
and the heroes who would save them...
Just released for the Android and Apple. About to have a look myself.
Had a little play with it last night. Going to compare it to FFRK as that's the game that I had sunk a heck of a lot of time into before I finally got bored of it a month or so back.

The sprite artwork looks awesome in battle and I love how both they and the fiends are more animated than say FFRK, but the world itself looks very very rough. Like, they took the basic aspects of RPG Maker 2000 rough. There's not quite a charm to it (at least not from the first few parts I'd seen) despite several attempts, like beams of light moving through a tree, etc. There's an effort to make it more alive and feel great, but it doesn't quite hit it yet. Again, I've only explored the first few tutorial levels, but so far, FFRK definitely has significantly better artwork.

The battle mechanics are really cool. I love being able to chain multiple attacks together, and the game gets a massive bonus for not having so many restrictions (unlike FFRK) in terms of usability and the available commands for each character. So glad about that.

And of course, there's an actual story! Yeah I know FFRK has some weak semblance of a story that might be mentioned once every 6 months in an update, but here we get a concrete story and two central characters in Rain and Lasswell.

Like FFRK we have 'hero' characters that can be summoned and made into party members. In the welcoming / apology package was 10 summon tickets and (aside from the unknowns) I managed to get:

3* Shadow
3* Krile
4* Penelo

Their abilities and stats seem pretty cool so will be using them for now.

Each character has certain abilities and magic that can be used. Magic needs to be manufactured with the right recipe (or gained as a reward). But a nice RPG attribute is that they also gain new immediate abilities via leveling up. A further 'special' ability can be accessed if you gain 100% trust with a character. This can happen slowly by making them participate in battles and leveling up, or by fusing duplicate characters together.

An actual surprise to me is that the gameplay itself has a small framework for a world! So you are not just clicking into battle scenarios. You can walk around towns and some dungeon areas, as well as having that click interface for others. The artwork for the world / town itself kinda hampers this cool feature, but it is pretty cool and different.

So yeah, so far there are a lot of positives with this new game. Definitely going to give it more of a go.
The 'world' artwork is growing on me more and more as I spend more time within the actual landscape. Oh, and this:

is a freaking cool effect during gameplay, lol.
I played it for about 10 minutes last night before bed. Only impressions so far are that I still love those battle sprites, and the music sounded excellent.
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I am... so happy.

Squeenix finally pulled through and delivered a mobile game that is, without qualification, fun and worth downloading. I mean really it's excellent. The graphics are beautiful, they have a good blend of the quick combat of Record Keeper but the old school RPG exploration that we always wanted and actually a pretty decent story and great characters so far.

And that battle music... omg 11/10.

I said Record Keeper was good because "it's as good as we're going to get for a mobile game". I was wrong.


I downloaded it too, it's pretty neat. It feels like a less grindy version of Record Keeper - although that's probably the new player experience and it's a tl;dr grindfest. Already encountered the timed things (crafting) and something with crystals, so er, this'll all end in tears, I just know it. Beacause mobile games.
...and levelling up all the characters I'm collecting. One thing I'm scared to do is "enhance" my characters by fusing others to them. I'm tempted to fuse low-level doubles, but is it permanent?

Also, add me as friend: PlasmaGhostX. Just tell me who you are here or something first :p.
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But what happens? There appears to be 5 slots in the enhancement thing. If you fuse a character to one, are they there forever / unable to be used again by themselves? Would it be better for me to max them out and then fuse them? I'm sure the internets could answer this for me, but CBA looking at the moment :P.
If you use a character in fusion, then they are gone forever - though you could obviously pick up a duplicate again from a crystal draw. Some characters are specifically created for a function. The cactuars give a lot more experience during fusion, and the gilsnappers (those metal shiny turtles) give a lot of gil if you sell them off. You also get a massive boost to the fusion process if you use more than one duplicated unit.

I'm not sure if maxing out a unit will give any additional benefit to a fusion, aside from possibly more experience that unit could possibly pay out, but I don't believe it's much worth using a low star character just to max them out for that purpose.

Adding people is restricted to the player ID I think. It is in the 'search for friends' sub tab of the 'friends' section. Mine is 284,889,693.


Fuck me that friend system is shit.

my wossname is, and I'm probably making a typo, but: 828,730,578

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I'm just leveling up the minor / standard summon characters at the moment. Who I play with changes on a daily basis :P.
I've reached the second port of the second island, have yet to explore the preceding desert.

I suppose I should share my thoughts on the story so far too. It feels like it has been pulled from a poorly written anime, but it is getting better. Doesn't feel like FF to me, but a standard JRPG. I like some of the music, but it is not top tier stuff. I'm enjoying the game more for the gameplay, and that each town and dungeon takes about an hour of wall hugging to find all the secrets. Even then I'm still not finding some mission-related stuff. To me, that's rewarding :awesome:.
I didn't realise this thing appears to be episodic, and I've reached the end of the storyline so far, but realised I missed a bunch of secrets so I got to grind a bunch now :P.

Edit - Also did research, and am more clear on enhancing now :P. Not afraid any longer to fuse characters, but only doing so with doubles with each other, etc (hawt clone incest ???). Also I feel grinding will take a looong time. The day numbered final fantasies have P2P style replenishing energy systems in order to do activities as is the case in FFBE will be a sad day.
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Next part of the story / island will be available from the 28/7. Hoorah.

Currently got all available Espers (Ramuh apparently is the next one from 28/7). Yet to do the exploration part with the last dungeon of second island, nowhere near bothering to try defeating the bosses in the vortex of trials, and am up to Beginner A-3 in the Colosseum, but can't seem to defeat that boss at the moment. Has the same HP as its optional boss version in the story, but naturally am only fighting it with 5 players without Chizuru. I do not have Chizuru myself, who is a bit OP, relying on "friend's" Chizurus :P. So will need to think of another tactic. Poison doesn't kill it quick enough. Not too concerned. I'm not really desperate enough to be too big on strategy (ie: bring out my maxed out characters to defeat it) yet. My priority is still levelling up others.
Am way behind at the moment. I have only just 'awakened' my Shadow into a 4 star character and have been gaining experience for my crew before heading back into the storyline.
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