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Final Fantasy IX Battle UI Fix


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I have managed to get a workable BattleUI fix, as promised.


In the archive there are a series of folders:

Original UI Fix
Alternate Fantasy UI
Alternate Fantasy UI HD
HD Backgrounds UI

These folders contain this BattleUI fix for the vanilla game (no mods) and each of the current mods out right now.

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Mr. Ite
This is really cool! I admit to not having played anything but the PS1 version, so I’m not sure I’m spotting all the details of your fix, but I’ll most definitely install this mod if I should ever play the new port. Thanks!


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So… What's that last post all about? You running into issues with the community somewhere?

X :neo:
Not really. Just seems to be cycle with me helping others.

Has one minor fix, no problem.
FF9 PC (Steam) Battle UI Fix Change Log

Vr. 1.1

Fixed Party Panel Display [off-screen]; when party contained less than 3 members.

Link updated, download it.
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