Final Fantasy VII In Five Minutes


Dan Hobart has created an "abbreviated" version of Final Fantasy VII for the website VGCuts's YouTube channel.

Mr. Ite
Nice, although some of the dialogue choices were uhm... "My leg got stuck" instead of "Mako's the lifeblood of the Planet." and "You wanted to talk to me about something?" instead of "Come on, Promise me!"

Makes me wonder -- if we had to distill FFVII into only 100 lines of dialogue, without editing them, what would we choose?


Pro Adventurer
Too much Aerith and too little of Cloud discovering his true self :monster: Not that I'm a biased Cloti but it's something more important than fighting the WEAPONS.

Still, nice one.


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I really liked it, regardless of the scene/dialogue choices. The music matched it wonderfully and the whole thing reminded me of a Tekken intro, where you see snippets of all the characters' stories without necessarily being shown how they fit together. That just leaves you with a reason to play the game :)
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Yeah I suppose it's a bit like a trailer in that respect. You can still go on and play the game relatively unspoiled.
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