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Right, but clientele are people with memberships. Obviously the people shuffling around outside weren't able to get in.
Eh I'm being imprecise with language. The aesthetic is not the same is what I mean, can't see any cyberpunk pervs shuffling/crawling around is all (based on that 1 second).


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Someone on reddit posted this image for other reasons, but you can see a dude with a sick mohawk in the back. So there's confirmation of at least one cyberpunk perv.


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So apparently, being very spoilery is a common thing in Japan, but can we say that they also showed so much because of the leaks?

I wonder if they were already working on that trailer and that's why bits of the works showed up in the demo? Rather, I think it would be the reverse in fact? Either way is possible imho, but that was a super cool trailer, and the one that made me the most hyped for this game I must say!

Edit: oh yeah the most disappointing bits is the beginning, because young!Cloud&Tifa don't sound like teens, they sound like their adult counterpart. That threw me off.


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They aren't going to change their schedule because of some leaks, there's a schedule laid out for all of this, and trailers have to go through approvals and edits, so it's safe to say this wasn't a spur of the moment deal.

There's also frankly a decent amount of stuff in here that wasn't in the demo files at all, and a lot of placeholder/prototype stuff which now looks near complete. Enough that, despite having thoroughly disected the files, this trailer still feels very fresh and new to me; mainly I just have some context for the scenes.


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Hi guys ! I'm french and the lips moves are not so convaincant :(

But, by watching the EN version, I see the lips moves was good :) ! It's the same impression for you ? (My english listening is not also fine tune as yours :p).

I watch the part when Cloud say "pathetique" and lips moves are the same for all 3 versions it's seems (EN, JAP, FR) .

So it's just because of the trailer way of edition?

Because I see this video last year
and I expected to see a great lips synchro. The french voice are cool and words are well adapted, it's the last thing to correct for a good french adaptation.

If in EN you think it's a good sync lips, I will be very glad for you guys !


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This trailer makes me think of all the times I've seen Cloud described as "quiet" or "taciturn". He isn't really. It's just that he's the only person who speaks normally in a world full of people that always use far more words than they need to. :D

(Possibly Tifa too, but it's hard to tell from the trailers since she hasn't really had many lines. Maybe it's a Nibelheim thing?)

EDIT: Which, in retrospect, would make him quiet and taciturn to everyone else on his planet, I guess. :D
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