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Yeah, this small scene really made me consider him in a different way. The way he says "second dance" really made me think that he's not just the super rad, cringe baffon I thought. And it seems he's important at the beggining of the game and then he maybe dies or something? Like if it's a second fight and you are still with Wedge and Biggs, is there going to be more? Damnit Square, making me excited for things I was trying to forget to not get dissapointed.


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I think it's kinda refreshing that they had a male vocalist for this song. I feel like it's basically standard for JRPG songs to be sung by a woman--which isn't a bad thing obviously--but this song automatically stands out to me just because of that different vocal quality.
The vocalist is Yosh from Survive Said the Prophet, which is an awesome japanese Rock band, btw! I love their songs, and the fact that he's now the voice in a song for Final Fantasy VII only makes me even more hyper if such a thing is possible :lol:


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Phew, it's been a busy day with gaming news and work! This and some Streets of Rage 4 news that blowing up my Messenger atm. Nice way to start the weekend!

Woke up to this and watched it before I went to work. I went ahead and wrote some thoughts down after watching a second time:
- Scarlet was the best part. I lmao'd when I saw that and thought that they absolutely NAILED her character.

- I'm glad young Cloud and Tifa look like teenagers this time in the Nibelheim flashback unlike the original models that looked like very little kids.

- I like teenage Cloud's more detailed t-shirt design. Makes him look more like an NPC as he should during that time.

- As Cannon_Fodder suggested earlier, I'm really glad that they just didn't find the biggest female singer in the country and had her sing the vocal theme like every other JRPG ever.

- Lip syncing seems to be a bit delayed, but it could be the editing.

- Kinda surprised by British Palmer, I was expecting American Palmer lol. He still has the characteristics of the original and I'm excited to see more and to finally get rid of that MSPaint job of him that shows up right away on Google images.

- "Not a word." LMAO

- Crossdressing Cloud even walks like the original!

- Wall Market looks great!

- It's funny, I always thought Heideggar and President Shinra looked fatter in the original compared to Don Corneo, but now the Don is the fattest of the three.

- Speaking of which, we see Kotch in the background! He looks great and reminds me of Bebop from TMNT pre-transformation (the original model did too).

- One thing I really hope from Roche is that he lives up to the anime edginess of the 90s like he did here in this trailer. I normally would hate him, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt here. Voice is a bit deeper than I imagined. But at least it wasn't going to be a surfer dude like I thought SE was going to do. I have high hopes for him after reading this thread.

- Red XIII's voice. On point. What I had imagined as a kid.

- After seeing the leaked image of him, I was prepared for Red to walk around like this:
red xiii.gif

But he actually looks normal here in the trailer, so no Ripped Red for the whole game lol.

- That goddamn scream. Makes me even more glad that the VA's were changed. Steve Burton would never come close to that (always sounded like he was mildly irritated about something at work whenever he got mad at Sephiroth in the Compilation or something as big as him).

- Already was spoiled by Hojo's GOAT-tier design from the leak, but I do want to mention that he rocks the Emperor Palpatine-like laugh.

- We fight Heligunner pre-Shinra HQ. Interesting!

- Leviathan!!!

- Excited and anxious about the stairwell scene. I LOVE that everyone is listed on what floor level they are on and Barret is dead last in the trailer. Square, please do not fuck this scene up.

- I like the Jenova fight background. It suits her well.

- The motorcycle chase is going full-blown Sega on us, and I love it.

- Got some horror shit going on with the flying Chinese Dragon-like enemy in the Shinra Building chasing after Cloud and Barret.

- No riding on Barret's shoulders out of Sector 7. 0/10 Remake.


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I loved the trailer to bits, and I am already hooked on the song. This managed to REALLY grab me with all of the connections to really feeling that THIS is how a well-respected reimagining of something should feel. I cannot wait to see things that are how I've always imagined them, and also run into situations that feel familiar but different, and other that are wholly unknown.

The thing that I found the most interesting is the physical appearance of Jenova.
Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 9.21.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 9.20.52 PM.png

She looks more.. petrified or dormant when she's contained in the tank. When we see her emerging in what is presumably the Shinra HQ, her face is properly skeletal – which is interesting, given that we know she's been decapitated. Is that her regrowing a face, or is she amalgamating biomass from things in Hojo's lab and/or other bodies of people?

In the Japanese version of the trailer, during the last clip of combat, you can see her charging a glowing laser-like attack or something in the space just above the skull. She's properly a horror creature this time around, and I am VERY excited to see just how utterly terrifying they're going to make her.



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Jenova is perfect...apart from an utter lack of boob-eye. :monster:

Thank you for the MUCH better version of this one than I managed to grab when I realized how tiny the little animated bits were. :mon:
That cracked-open space over the skull is where you can see that glowing attack being charged. I'm SO very curious the ways that they're going to play with her appearance from form-to-form. Just... dear gods. They're pushing the envelope SO far on things like her in ways that I wasn't sure that they'd be brave enough to do (even if it they are censoring the titty-eyes).

X :neo:


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I think that the Japanese Trailer version of Tifa's attack gives the best look at her features. You can see all of these smaller spider-like arms all along her torso, and because she raises up her wing-like arms to protect her face as that attack is charging you can also get a better look at the long tendrils coming off of the elbow-sections that are pointing directly upwards. Also, the hitspark flashes of the characters' attacks show off the colors on all the alien material all around aside from just the dark reds right after she covers her face, and you can get a better look at the hanging mass of intestine-like matter on the left as well.

(Run the video at 0.25x at this timestamp for a better look)

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 9.42.16 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 9.42.37 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 9.42.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 9.43.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 9.44.06 PM.png

X :neo:


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The Jenova in the specimen enclosure tube and the one being fought aren't exactly the same.

The Jenova being fought with the horrific head is a Jenova off-shoot. In the same vein BIRTH, LIFE and DEATH are.

However this is a new one with its own name.

The Jenova inside the tank with the somewhat petrified biomass is the main body that we all know and love. :monster:
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