Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster [PS3/PS4/Vita]


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So, I finally got up the money and fortitude to finally order the remastered version for PS3 (Collector's Edition of course!)... I'm about two hours into the game, and my only gripe is that we STILL cannot skip the cutscenes!


Still as good as I remembered it though. Haven't played it in years.


Actually, I take that back. Unskippable cutscenes are tolerable, but the shitty camera angles still take the cake!
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I'm thinking about getting the PS4 version.

I already own the PS3 and PS Vita versions.

Am I insane?
A HD opportunity to fight Yunalesca and Seymour Flux with the original "Challenge" music? (The HD remix was perfect up until the all-important yet very disappointing drop).

I say you should do it. In fact, do it as soon as you can. Drop everything you're doing, take your card and cash, and walk out to the nearest seller. Then find the closest house to reduce walking time back home (occupants will understand), and check back in with us whenever you're finished (reduce blinking to maximise appreciation of attention to detail).

In genuine other words, you're not insane, no matter what the reason. Now, saying all that, I wouldn't do it myself - actually, after I wrote this I sort of realised I probably would buy it too, even with my own reasons in mind being fairly unjustified :P
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Part of it is the soundtrack, another part of it is the loading times. I wish they let you pick and choose which songs go where (from remastered/ original) because there are some remastered tracks that sound amazing. Some are unforgivable though. Like the boss theme.

I mean OK FFX doesn't have the best boss battle theme ever, but

While there are some I prefer one way or the other, I enjoyed the remastered tracks sufficiently to be perfectly fine with the new experience. Like you said in your own post, I would hardly consider the boss theme unforgivable considering that X's boss theme is a snoozefest. doesn't even sound all that different to me.

Really, the redone Sprouting is almost enough for me to justify the remastered OST's existence entirely. But I also much prefer the improved blitzball theme and several others.

I was thinking the other day how I'd like to give the Expert Sphere Grid a try, but I was wondering about if it really does anything apart from shuffle your characters' roles around. X's system is so rock-paper-scissory that it seems like you're still gonna need a character for each thing, it's just that maybe Lulu will be your physical damage dealer instead. Which is amusing, but doesn't really change how the game plays at all. Am I mistaken? What do people who have used it think?
^I used it once, but it was over a year ago now. From what I recall, besides allowing the option to take characters down different paths at the beginning, it made it easier at different junctions along the way - it was very handy bouncing Yuna and Lulu between white and black magic [especially improving Magic for Lulu, as the magic nodes are more prominent on Yuna's side], and Wakka was my real powerhouse when alternating between his and Auron's areas. You'll have less nodes to play around with overall - but not an awful lot less, and only insofar as you are attempting to gain maximum HP, so it's not that big of a deal.

Since you've played the game already and have a good feel for it, go for Expert then if you like the idea of switching between paths more easily - you can get some useful abilities sooner using other character paths or have other characters not restricted from learning other abilities - for example, Auron can get Tidus's haste as there is no Lock in the way. [And from what I see online (though I can't recall from my own experience), you'll finish character paths sooner if they do not deviate]
Love how the title is called "How to" and "the lazy way" as if this is something the rest of the viewers could pick up and construct with ease :monster:

But maybe it is worth trying...
Now all we need is a machine for catching butterflies in Macalania Woods.

I know people usually say the Chocobo game is harder but it only took me about a dozen attempts on my last playthrough, while I've never managed to do the butterfly catching or lightning dodging successfully.
When I was younger, on my first playthrough I had no trouble with the butterfly mini-game at all. Even the chocobo one wasn't that difficult, nor in fact dodging lightning (there's a big "but" coming :P)

BUT, on my latest playthough, which was sometime around the end of 2014-start of 2015, I struggled on the butterfly and the chocobo one for a while, and my dodging skills were so bad during a regular trip past the Thunder Plains that I had just ruled out getting Lulu's sigil [I was mostly playing for the story anyway, but it was one event I knew I wasn't going to try anytime soon if I decided to continue on, even with the tricks at hand]


^Might be something to do with this version running at normal speed. Our original PAL version was quite a bit slower than the American one, making certain things slightly easier (like the timer for every one of those mini-games).

I got to something like 170 lightning strikes then failed on my last run XD. I got it in the end using that one spot, but it took me a really really long time to get into a rhythm with where to move and when to press the button. Butterfly minigame I think I one-shotted, but that was the main bane for me when I was younger on ye olde PS2. I think I struggled most with the lightning this time around, but it's the one I was least worried about going in. Weird.


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The Sun Sigil is the Mark of the Beast, and the key to unlocking the seal on the Seventh Circle of Hell, where the developers of Final Fantasy X minigames reside, feeding on the blood of fallen fans, and listening to the cries of their children and the lamentations of their women.

And any of you who say otherwise have already sold your souls in order to achieve the proper alignment of the stars necessary to successfully defeat that damnable bird with a negative time.


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I came about this [...] close to getting the Sun Sigil once after playing for about an hr.. I was about .02 seconds away and I threw the controller at the wall and forever gave up that stupid minigame.

Lightning dodging on the other hand.... I can't dodge one strike to save my life. And I don't get it cause I kill at Vocaloid Project Diva >_<
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