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FFXVI will not be released in Saudi Arabia for unknown reasons at the moment (other than "Square Enix refused to make the necessary modifications"), but potentially it's because there's a gay character or relationship (this is conjecture, but the commonly held most likely root cause at the moment). They sometimes ban games for excessive violence and/ or nudity but there are certainly games with violent/ sexual content that have been released there, and I can hardly see XVI giving something like Dark Souls a run for its money in the violence department.

Isn't that fascinating


So Andrea was okay but not the FFXVI character lol
Probably because Andrea isn't explicitly anything in the game beyond a camp man. From the potential leaks, XVI goes quite a bit further.

VII:R is a perfect example of "forgivable" queerbaiting. They went further than you'd expect Square Enix to go while maintaining a kind of homage to the racy ideas of the original, but there's actually nothing of substance in there, it's all inferences. Which is perfect for maintaining a T rating (as was their goal).


Surprised nobody has posted this yet - it's an excellent interview and I could not be more of a stan for this VA. He's such a FF stan he talks about re-speccing the sphere grid in FFX and a bunch of other stuff. He also brought his own dog into the studio when he was recording Torgal stuff ;-;

They played the Golden Girls theme whenever they finished recording stuff for a sidequest to "give a feel of completion" XD



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I'm not very interested in the game. All the action "Witcher 3" vibe is not something I'd like to see in FF game. FFXV action was fine enough, this is just to much.


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Looking great and reading about how much cutscene-heavy the game is at the beginning + the evident presentation quality makes me confident that we are in for a real treat.

Edit: btw it looks like you can carry over your data from the demo
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