First taste of Remake BGM

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Given how fast and wild it is, my guess is this song accompanies the new bike chase, leaving Crazy Motorcycle for the final chase.

I’ve been giving a listen to the PS Theme Theme and I’m having trouble sorting out its time sig. The whole thing *could* work in 4/4 I guess or 8/4 but even so there are some progressions that happen mid-bar. I’m liking this tune a lot more in its slow stealthy version (although it reminds me a bit of DA: Inquisition heehee)
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I can't wait to hear the new rendition of "Those Chosen by the Planet" :monster:

I don't think it's ever made an appearance in any game outside the original, aside from the little refrain in Advent Children's soundtrack.

That song used to scare me shitless as a kid and just set the tone that Sephiroth was a seriously powerful force of evil who wasn't to be fecked with. I hope they don't lose that oomph.


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Until I get the full BGM of the remake, I've been binging on two composers on youtube covering and remixing a lot of the old BGM and do it well: Enrico Deiana (Matthew Wallace) and Pontus Hultgren.

Not everything they do is amazing, but when they do do it, it's out of this world. Currently listening to Enrico Deiana's take on Underneath the Rotting Pizza, followed by Hultgren's version of the Bombing Mission.



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It seems they're going for a predominantly orchestral approach for the score, which pleases me. I still expect stuff that's explicitly not meant to be played by an orchestra to deliver the intended results though, like the bossanova theme of Costa del Sol. I was a bit worried they'd go all out on the J-rock and techno based on how Uematsu's pieces have been arranged for various other projects over the years.


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Maximilian Dood mentioned in his stream about how amazing the Mako Reactor theme sounded, he said it's the best arrangement he heard of this song ever. They nailed that amphoric and industrial tone the original track had. Seems like we get more than over-orchestrated variations.

I can see how especially the fighting and boss-battle themes will have a lot of adapted variants, suitable for the location and enemies we encounter through the game.
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