Flash Sales Thread


That Man
Since I didn't see any, I figured now was a good time to start.

There's a Steam sale for Final Fantasy games going on RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT (Expires February 25th!)


Lotsa people round the forum were griping about the prices of FF games and not being able to afford them, so I SAY WE GET CRAZY AND BUY EM ON SALE!

So, from now on, you see a good deal on FF games (or heck, really cool RPGs you like), just post 'em here. Be sure to post the expiration date too.

Let's hook eachother up with these games!


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Smooth Criminal
I highly recommend users here take advantage of this flash sale to play World of Final Fantasy which is probably one of the most underrated spin off games that was fucking amazing. Really don't know why it doesn't get more attention cause it's fun as hell and the story is actually pretty heart rendingly awesome.

I can't recommend it enough. The cutsie style belies it's depth and wonderful story.

...And if by chance you want an actual crossover Final Fantasy game that features FF characters not just regulated to flimsy, tossed aside cameos well.. This is the game for you. :mon:


That Man
*shrugs* My bad. But that thread kinda disappeared, so I hope that's not the case for this one, since that other part of the forum is more active.

When I do come across more Steam sales I'll be sure to update regularly here.

I decided to pick up Lightning Returns since I never got to play with all the DLC in that game.
Mr. Ite
lol FFIII on Steam doesn’t even have the DS thing going for it...

Thanks for the heads up though! 50% off FFXV... tempting for sure.
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