Forum Style FF Community Games - Now Solving fancy's FFI Crossword Puzzle

Dr Kadowaki (FFVIII)

Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca (FFXII) — solved by Ghost X
Shantotto (FFXI and others) — solved (entirely) by Roger
Akihiko Yoshida (Character artist who used to work at Square) — solved by Roger
Poft (town in FFII) — solved by Roger
Diamond Dust (Shiva's Reaccuring Ultimate Attack) — solved by Makoeyes987
Spira — Makoeyes987
"If this is all a dream, don't wake me up." - Cloud Strife — solved by Mr. Ite
Menu — solved by Kuja9001

FANCY - 1 || TLS - 8​

I play this all the time on the discord lmao and I'm conducting a little experiment to see if this works on a forum :monster:

Might be a little slow considering the nature of this beast, but HECK.

So, this is hangman. The two hints that you get are that the word you're guessing is always related to FF and the doodle displayed. Multiple folks can guess one letter at a time, but to avoid 26 different folks guessing the whole alphabet during long gaps, I'll only consider the first three posts after my own.

Here we go lmao.
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