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Fun fan ideas of future Sonic the Hedgehog games wishes


Tash for Short
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I know that it will not be possible, but while this is based on a future fanfiction(when I get around to it) story of my fan-made franchise "Sailor Moon Continuum" which is a multi-crossover of many other things that I love and come to rediscover to love again, this is an idea that sounds fun to work out for future Sonic games. So I thought I'd see if anybody had their own ideas and wishes for future Sonic games that anyone would like Sega to make.

A game(3D with modern looks of the characters-NOT Sonic BOOM or Sonic Live Action Movie) where it takes you to the Dreams of lifeforms(similar to Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance).

Story idea: Dr. Eggman has discovered a way to enter people's dreams with a new machine in yet another plot to rule the world and abducts Imps called the Dream Guardians who protect people in their sleep from Nightmares and give them peaceful happy dreams based on their wishes, and controls Nightmarish creatures called the Bogs who give people Nightmares. Yet one Dream Guardian named Pix(short for Pixie and she resembles to a Pixie) manages to escape into the real world and seeks help from Sonic the Hedgehog who, along with his friends Tails, Amy and Knuckles, catch wind when they discover that people who have fallen asleep are not awakening and are suffering nightmares.

Needing a volunteer to enter the Dream World in order to stop Eggman and save everyone and also needing someone going to sleep in order to enter the Realm itself, Sonic decides to enter the Dream World with Tails volunteering to be his portal and as he falls asleep and Pix uses her magic to open a way, Sonic enters Tails' dream world and meets up with his Dream self who acts as a guide along the way.

Sonic fights his way through the Bogs and with Pix's help, enters dreams of others while locating and freeing other Dream Guardians while fighting Eggman. Once Sonic finds all of the Dream Guardians, Eggman attempts to put him into a nightmare, but he escapes with the help of Tails and Pix and at the heart of the nightmare world, Sonic fights Eggman and a giant Bog hybrid, the creator of Nightmares who swallows Eggman whole when the evil doctor attempts to control it but it backfires(as usual) forcing Sonic to fight it with the aid and powers of the Dream Guardians, becoming Dream Sonic in the process.

After defeating the Bog Hybrid who vanishes, Sonic and the Dream Guardians send Eggman back into the real world while the Guardians use their powers to restore everyone's peaceful dreams, which awakens them including Tails, but not before opening a portal back to the real world to prevent Sonic from becoming trapped in his best friend's dreams. Sonic bids farewell to Pix and the Guardians before returning home and reunites with his friends.

The story then ends with Eggman, back in the real world, throwing another tantrum that his nightmares of Sonic defeating him always gets to him, and scares off Orbot and Cubot who point out that those nightmares always come true-because Sonic always defeats him in reality.

So yeah, that's what I think would be cool to see in the next Sonic game. What are your thoughts and ideas, everyone?
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