Future Pokemon Game(s) coming for Nintento Switch(Most likely after 2018)


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As most would know by now, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are the last main Pokemon games for 3DS and the franchise will now move onto Nintendo Switch since the console is part Home-Console, part Handheld-Console.

(Was hoping for Diamond and Pearl remakes for 3DS, but now that's not happening.)

I was wondering, however, if the future Pokemon games will still be part of the main series or will now be spin-offs?

Another question is that, like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, will the future Pokemon games have full on voice acting for most characters, including Pokemon?

As far as Pokemon goes, the franchise is very similiar to the Final Fantasy franchise.

What are your thoughts?


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I mean, even with the move to 3D with X/Y and Sun/Moon, the series has become kind of stale? I am not sure what Nintendo can do to recapture the magic that made the series what it was at launch. Pokemon Go came close, but I think the nostalgia that's kept the main series going the way it has can only go so far... I remember I was excited about the Sun/Moon launch, but ended up playing way more Pokemon Go than anything I ended up doing in that game.

Honestly, the least they can do is some balancing of the battle system. With a 700+ character roster, it's a little ridiculous that the competitive scene compromises of the same few combinations cycled over and over. Not to mention, even if you are picking the right team, the stats system is completely impossible / inaccessible to get them to the same level as other serious players. Unless you have a Gameshark/action replay.

I mean, these are core problems don't have anything to do with what system it's on. For that reason I fear Nintendo isn't really going to change what needs changing when moving onto the Switch.

Don't get me wrong, I still *love* pokemom, and the only generation I skipped was Gen 3 since I didn't have GBA. I love it for the RPG/JRPG elements. I love growing to my team and the colourful cast of characters you meet in each new region. I love how Black/White attempted to tell more of a story and how X/Y put a lot of bells and whistles to your character customization. I even liked how Sun/Moon really took it to being a really cinematic JRPG. But these are all secondary characteristics keeping me to the series. It's really hard to hold onto all these awesome secondary aspects when the core gameplay is so outdated and unenjoyable.

I think Pokemon has so much potential, I'm just not getting my hopes up for Nintendo realizing what could be. I feel like the series is confused about its identity right now. It's going towards the JRPG route, but seems to afraid to stop relying on a lot of crutches. I hope Nintendo eventually finds out what that sweet spot is.
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