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Game Analysis Covering TGS 2019 Footage and Screenshots


Yazzavedth Zayann
Here's where I'll post all my upcoming analysis videos covering footage and screenshots released at and around TGS 2019.


Game Analysis #13 - Sector 7 Slums (Trailer)

Game Analysis #14 - Sector 7 Slums (Screenshots)

Game Analysis #15 - Menu Screens

Game Analysis #16 - Avalanche Side Mission

Game Analysis #17 - Weapon Upgrades

Game Analysis #18 - Misc November Screenshots
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I'm more inclined to think, that the symbol alongside the Summon Materia is categorised as an equipment, like the other two (weapons & armor) are already implying. It's not necessary to mark the Summons extra, when they're already recognisable through the red Materia colour that's only assigned for them. I reckon it has more to do with it's functioning as an additional/external slot for the weapon (it's placement is on the same row after all).

I know I will open an old can of worms (again) with this topic, but I still believe the Summons in the game's lore aren't your mass-produced type of Materia. The only man-made/artificial Summons were 'abominations' based on the original Bahamut (that's my headcanon anyway), but the process behind creating this type of Materia requires large quantities of concentrated Mako energy, and despite having a couple of successes, it wasn't efficient enough to pursue it further. To actually reproduce them naturally, one first had to acquire/find the Summons in the game, and normally there was only one of each kind available. I think the Summons, Cloud & Co. were discovering, are the same creatures the Cetra worshipped as guardians at their time. I think it was mentioned in one of the Ultimanias, where at one point they crystallised themselves for some reason. But this makes sense in a way, because in that form they will not die, therefore can't be extracted as 'knowledge' from the Lifestream, or be used for the artificial process of Materia.

Now, back to the unknown symbol. Suppose the Remake revives the concept of Summons to be guardians at ancient times, the Cetra could have built relics as a symbol of still honoring them after they used their crystallised form as weapons. These relics are meant to be a home/temple for the mystical beasts to live in, so they embedded the red orb in the relic to be used as "ancient slot" attached on your weapon of choice. That would mean, we are not finding Summons in their rough (Materia) form, but as another type of accessory.
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Yazzavedth Zayann
Almost forgot to post it here. 3 days late but better than never ^^

For those who haven't seen Game Analysis episode #16 yet, I've embedded it in the OP below the others.

@OdaDaimyO Apologies for the late answer.
The Summon Materia slot's symbol designation is just that: a symbol describing that slot, like weapon and armor. It's just a way to tell the player that this is where the Summon Materia goes. Without it, such a slot, separated from the others but not designated in any way would both look strange and confuse the player. I do think that we'll find the Summon Materia separately in the usual spherical shape, it could be that each character needs this one separate accessory which can hold only one Summon Materia.

It being on the same row as the weapon is either an indicator for it actually being a special weapon slot, or that special accessory is attached to the weapon to allow that weapon to hold that Summon Materia. We don't see anything on the weapon in the Abzû battle, though.
It could also be just a space issue. Placing the Summon slot on its own row would have taken up too much space for just one slot, hence why they opted for placing it to the right of the weapon slots.

Regarding where they came from: I also lean more into the direction that those were once either worshiped entities or great beings, conserved in Materia for eternity. However, I don't think those beasts existed in that form before. One theory is that those were normal humans (Cetra most likely) with extraordinary skills or gifts, which manifest when summoned. Shiva might have been Queen of the North, Ifrit a warrior who had his way with fire, Ramuh a wise priest with an affinity to weather, especially thunderstorms etc.
Or the process and location where they were crystallized caused those powers to manifest over time.
Or those were actually real beings once, like gods. Hard to say.


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Game Analysis episode #17 is now available!
This time, we're covering the 2 weapon upgrade screenshots in their entirety.
I initially planned to include the enemy assessment UI, but even without it, the video's duration already is pushing 30 minutes, so I decided to cover it alongside some of the other screenshots instead.


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Great work as usual.

I’m positive the second core is the materia-slot expansion, as the one extra materia slot corresponds to the 1/4 in the middle. That means a Buster Sword with potentially 6 materia slots!! 🤭

Also, if DFFOO is anything to go by, the weapon level should only display the XP needed for each level, so going from level 3 to 4 Buster Sword requires 60 XP, rather than going from levels 1 to 4.

Edit: after seeing the Japanese images I’m not so sure. Damn vyzz you’re good.
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Yazzavedth Zayann
@Mr. Ite It's 60 in total to reach level 4. I did the math with pixel measurements and the segment between level 3 and 4 turns out to be 30 SP ;)

Also, we've gained 55 SP so far and the non-upgraded weapons also have unspent 55 SP, meaning that we collected only 55 SP so far, bringing weapon level to almost 4.

Core 2 doesn't provide an additional Materia slot as there are 3/4 skills unlocked but one of the satellites is still untouched and there's still only one Materia slot expansion (JP screenshot).

@pxp Thanks! Have fun when you get to them :)


Yazzavedth Zayann
Yes, indeed. You were able to sell neither the Buster Sword nor Barret's Gatling Gun. Every other weapon could be sold as far as I remember.

In the Remake, I'm looking forward to carrying Cloud's ultimate blade with all 6+ Materia slots filled, glowing in the dark :D

Anyway, I, again forgot to post the latest Game Analysis video here:

Enjoy if you haven't already!
Also, thank you @Clean Cut Chaos for attending the Premiere ^^
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