Game Credits - FFVII (For TLS)

- Game Credits Article (still in the works sort of)

This is one that has been in the burner for a long time. It began with Sprites being a champ and manually writing down the ending credits from the English PAL version of the original game. For a long while I felt unable to pick up this feature, but I've now done some more research and realized the vision behind it.

The idea is that by including a commentary, the credits themselves gain more meaning. For someone like me who has delved deep into the game and done lots of research, many names actually *mean* something, rather than just being a list of random people (as it was when I played the game as a kid). The credits themselves are included for the sake of documentation, but it is the secondary feature because almost nobody will actually look up names or read the list "just for fun".

I am not certain of the optimal format for this feature, especially given that I do want to fully present the Japanese credits, American credits and PC credits as well. But my philosophy is that it's better to publish an incomplete article and then have it grow overtime; otherwise I'll be too overwhelmed and nothing will be realized.

Input and feedback is much appreciated. The article will be spellchecked. =)

The Twilight Mexican

Ex-SeeD-ingly good
This is really cool. I hope it can get a lot more information, but I understand that it's probably going to be impossible to identify what each person did in working on the game.

It's a little confusing, though, how there are some differences in the credits between regions. That's not the article's fault, though; it's just explaining what the credits say.

Any idea what the story is there, Shademp?

Also, how much information do you have right now about who did what?
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