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Greetings folks


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I've been lurking the site for a few months and finally decided to create an account.

I got my introduction to gaming nearly 30 years ago when my family got a NES for Christmas but didn't get introduced to the Final Fantasy series until 1998. It was a bit of an unconventional one at that as it came via Final Fantasy Legend 3 for the Game Boy. It was in a sense my very first RPG and the focus on story and turn-based gameplay compared to prior games I had played gripped me hook, line and sinker. I knew then I needed to experience more and within a few weeks I went to a local Funcoland to pick up FF2US, FF3US, FF7, FFT and a Playstation console to boot.

While it is hard for me to pick a favorite between FF6 and FF7, Seven's more modern and dark tale gripped me in such a way that has left a imprint on my life ever since. I won't deny though that as the years passed and the compilation titles (which I never picked up) sounded lackluster, that my memories and love for the game faded into the recesses of my mind. Hell, even the 2015 announcement of the Remake was met with some indifference as by then I was completely absorbed into FFXIV and had no time any longer for console gaming.

That all changed however with the E3 trailer that was shown this year, it is like a deep corner of my mind that has long been sealed was opened and ever since I've been devouring everything tied to both the original FF7 and the upcoming Remake. Amongst these searches for information I stumbled upon the in-depth LTD research done by this community a few years prior which led me to the discovery of this site and forums. It has taken me a few months but I finally decided to take the plunge from being a mere lurker.


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Welcome to the Forums!! It's always great to know more Final Fantasy fans, have lots of fun! ♥
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