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ODST has the main protagonist, The Rookie, searching for beacons across the city of New Mombasa.[12] It is up to the player how they get to the specific location, and in what order, giving a very open-world feeling to the game; something for which the main trilogy has been criticized for, due to it's linear gameplay style. It's likely that these "beacons" are drop pods with a locating device on them. Finding one of these objects sends the player back in the game to find out what happened to one of his four squadmates (Mickey, Dutch, Romeo, and Buck).[12] Once you go back in time for a short period, you will take control of the player for around thirty minutes, and play the situations that the particular character went through. Unlike the overall game, these flashback scenes go along the path of the linear gameplay that has been common throughout the original trilogy of Halo.
Due to the fact that you are playing as an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, you will not be using the shielding or the motion tracker featured on the MJOLNIR Battle Armor suits. The Rookie and his squadmates will also lose the ability to dual-wield weapons, such as the M7/Caseless Submachine Gun or the Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle.
On the other hand, you will receive a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), which will likely give waypoints, mission objectives, and information which will help the player.[12] In addition to the PDA, the Rookie will also have a new "visual mode", which identifies allies and enemies through the HUD on his helmet's visor; as well as a new weapon, the M7S Submachine Gun, which the protagonist lands in Mombasa with during the initial drop.
As stated by Bungie in the January 23rd Weekly Update, the Sangheili will not be appearing at all in ODST.[13] By December 2008, the game was "representational", meaning that players could experience the game from start to finish, albeit in an unfinished state. The entire Bungie staff was pulled from other duties to play through the game and offer feedback. Among the unfinished elements was the lack of finished dialogue delivered by voice actors; story writer Joseph Staten filled in placeholder audio. [14] Bungie's audio director Martin O'Donnell will contribute music for ODST, as he has done for the previous Halo games. Due to ODST's shift to a new protagonist, O'Donnell created new music that was a homage to Halo, though was taken in a new direction.


The game is set on the 20th October, during the events of Halo 2, in the First Battle of Earth at Mombasa.
A number of pods carrying ODST's appear in the sky over New Mombasa to clear out the remaining Covenant forces in the city. Prophet of Regret's ship opens a Slipspace portal in Earth's atmosphere above the city, this results in an antimatter-matter annihilation accompanied by a physical shockwave and an EMP. The shockwave tears through Mombasa, badly damaging the city. When the EMP reaches the HEV Pods, it destroys their electronics, which prevents them from making a controlled descent, hence they are destroyed on impact with the ground.
One HEV Pod enters the airspace above Mombasa after the primary EMP has subsided. However, the HEV pod passed through a secondary residual EMP that partially damaged its electronics. Despite this, it still managed to make a pseudo-controlled descent, albeit a rough one; the HEV crashes through the side of a building, knocking its occupant unconscious. As night draws, the lone Marine wakes up, armed only with a submachine gun, and moves forward to secure beacons scattered across the city.


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