Happy birthday, Force!

Gym Leader Devil

True Master of the Dark-type (suck it Piers)
So many names
So many birthdays in just a few days of each other, if they don't get spaced out I might get accused of overusing this:

Enjoy being one year closer to :reapermon: Force :awesome:


Pro Adventurer
Tifabelle, Nathan Drake, Locke Cole, Kain Highwind, Yamcha, Arya Stark
Happy birthday Force! Enjoy your birthday, you old man!

Dana Scully

Special Agent
YACCBS, Legato Bluesummers, Daenaerys Targaryen, Revy, Kate Beckett, Samantha Carter, Matsumoto Rangiku
hb force you ammo-stealing bitch

<3 hope it's a good one
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