Happy Birthday Ghost X!

Okay, but only because you asked nicely.

Do ghosts keep up with their birthdays? Happy birthday, disembodied spirit of X!
Sorry, I am not a ghost. You have taken my screen name in a literal sense, where in actual fact it is just some unimaginative nickname I thought up as a kid, and stuck with for the heck of it. Coincidentally, you also posted right after X-SOLDIER, who signs his posts off with "X". I'm certainly not the disembodied spirit of him, although if I was, chances are it would be an improvement.

Also there is no objective evidence ghosts exist. People are led to believe in them by coming up with supernatural explanations for bumps in the night or hallucinations or tricks of light (etc), all which have natural explanations. They are merely an abstract idea. Something to entertain the masses in movies and games n' such.

That is all :monster:.


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have a goodun :3


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Belated happy birthday, Ghost. Hope you had a good one. :)
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