Happy Birthday Quexinos!


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Happy birthday Quex!

I guess ponies are allowed in this thread, BUT ONLY CAUSE IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY. :shifty:
I'm not at all familiar with My Little Pony, telling myself I should avoid the modern craze, but I feel I should tell you about an obscure bit of my past: A childhood friend had a My Little Pony pony back in 1990, and I do remember the commercials for My Little Pony back at that time, because they were drilled into my skull between the morning cartoon shows.

Back to the present though, having a look at one of the videos above, there is one pony that has a star on its hip, and when the camera zooms in, it looks like something else entirely >.>

Happy Birthday :D


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Belated happy birthday, Quex. Hope you had a good one. ^_^

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