He-Man & the Masters of the Universe


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Sooooooooo, I started watching this on Netflix because random nostalgia, and I cannot stop just passively watching it constantly in my spare time. I'm wondering if anyone else has opinions and such about it, or any of the other related things like She-Ra.

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These five episodes (Part 1) that were released just now has plenty of greatness in them but I wish I had waited until the rest (Part 2) is released. Some parts feel uneven to me due to the story not yet being complete. I read online speculation that we might see Part 2 as early as August, but I haven't found full confirmation yet.


I don’t think there’s a dedicated thread for She-Ra but X mentioned it in the op so *glimmah teleports in*

SHERA 2018 is ATLA levels of good. I full on sobbed at the end, partly because it wanted me to, partly because I knew it was over.


Anyway, back to He-Man:

I know there are 2 different He-Man remakes in the works, and all the good news that has been trickling in seems to be about Revelation:

- showrunner is Kevin Smith
- Mark Hamill is skeletor
- Bear McReary is composing

I admit to not being as interested in a show(s) centered on stronk man but based on the team, and the quality of animation on display in the trailer, I will definitely give it a watch. I wasn’t expecting much from She-Ra either, and I’m ready to get the cast tattooed on my face at this point.


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I'm seeing a lot of butthurt from fans of He-Man about certain aspects of the story. I won't spoil anything, but it definitely tries for an unconventional take.

I feel like there wasn't any other way they could go; to attempt to write something interesting out of the dreck that was once a glorified 80s toy commercial (which 5 year old me was ALL ABOUT, by the way) is a daunting task indeed. This isn't "rewrite the Karate Kid with more nuance," this is "the worldbuild is usable but none of the characters has much personality at all, we are in trouble here."

Basically, it had to turn out some way or another, and for me:


As usual, other fans have been far less forgiving.
Really happy with the second season. This show truly is best watched with the first- and second season back to back.

The biggest problem I have is that there's really no visible consequence from Lyn KILLING EVERYBODY IN HEAVEN. :wacky: I mean I like the idea of Lyn finding peace but the act of destroying an entire world(?) and the souls therein feels like it gets brushed off at the end.
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