HEAT: The Fall Of Humanity


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The world is in chaos.

The world burns as massive corporations battle it out for supremacy on earth. The human population has fallen by 4 billion during the last 20 years due to the inhospitable atmosphere the earth now has. The remaining humans now live in massive air stations, known as The Trenches, that fly high above the planet. It is believed that there are still settlements living on the ground but no attempt has been made to open communications between them.

Even in times of massive crisis, Conflict is still deciding the fate of humanity. Massive weapons corporations have taken over what was left of the government as the law and order. Three companies hold the dominance; Halcyon, Raven Alliance and The Overclass. Wealthy individuals spend their valuable money and resources either funding in these companies or paying to have them take on contracts. Each company has its own ideals and motivation which explains why there is a lot of conflict and competition between. However the reason behind the majority of the fighting boils down to the HEAT's.

HEAT is the term given to a unique armored mechanical weapon. It stands for Highly Evolved Armored Tool. Each company has produced their own individual HEAT's but they are not under mass-production due to their most important and rare requisite. The Pilot. Under what was known as the 'Silhouette Program' 50 individuals volunteered for experimental pilot training that also involved biological procedures. The years of work put into these individuals allowed them to practically assimilate themselves into a piece of technology that was designed alongside them. These people were named the Wraiths. The company in charge of the experiment was shut down shortly after the old government found out about what was going on. The Wraiths were evacuated but after discovering the genetic locks in their biology, it was concluded that the process could not be reversed.

2 years on the HEAT's have been created by or for their chosen Wraiths. The people of the Trenches know that possession of a HEAT make any of the companies a strong and powerful force to be dealt with. The Wraiths all split up over the years. Most of them are split between the rival companies. Some work for much smaller companies with different aims. A few Wraiths have become independant and even fewer have completely disappeared.

The year is 2341. A war is coming.

On February the 17th, one of the larger Trenches was taken down by an incredibly energy signature. The beam came from the ground level and after weeks of trials and investigations, none of the major weapons companies based in the Trenches were found responsible. Everyone wants to find this weapon and all for their own reason.
The Factions

The company was founded by Anthony S. Halcyon in the year 2320. The company was very heavily funded at the beginning by the government in order for their military to gain a much wider variety of weaponry. After the collapse of government, Halcyon gained all of the current military equipment as a gift to progress. In the year 2341, Anthony died and his entire company was inherited by his son Ran S. Halcyon. Ran is a Wraith which pushed up the companies funding by a lot when the media found out.
Halcyon has one fundamental aim. The progression of Mankind as a whole. They hope to secure a healthy and better future for the Earth.

Raven Alliance
The company was created by Steven Urse at an unknown time. Much of the companies history is surrounded in mystery as it was kept secret for so long. Through acquisition of many kinds of equipment, Raven became a large distributor of weaponry. It had amassed a fortune in its time on the earth and had a solid amount of resources. Before the move to the Trenches, scientists were faced with the problem of fuel on a ship that is supposed to hold the earths population for an unknown amount of time. Raven introduced a new form of solar energy that was almost 1000% more effective than the old one, which in turn put them on the map as a major contributor to mankind.
Raven has one main aim. To develop and manufacture new technology. By doing so they will attain more dominance over the market.

The Overclass
This started as more of a string of criminal organizations working together between Trenches. In order to stay intact, they banded together under one name. The Overclass have stolen and bullied their way into a position of power. Their own technology is supplied by scientists and equipment sent back from assualt missions. After the fall of government The Overclass inevitably grew in power as they had nothing to fear but they're rivals. The company specializes more in pure power rather than a balance between defense and offense.
The Overclass aims to eliminate its competition completely. They have been held at bay so far with legal loopholes and military power, but times are changing.

BIO Layout

Faction (Halcyon, Raven, Overclass):


Statistics: You have 3 basic categories; Offense, Defense and Speed. Split up 16 points between these categories anyway you want (E.g. Offense: 5 Defense: 5 Speed: 6 or O:8 D:3 S:5).

Weapons: You are allowed up to 5 different weapons on you HEAT. Be as creative as you want with it, just dont go over the top with ridiculous power :monster:

Fighting Style:

History of manufacture:

Additional Information:

So yeah guys :monster:. Post up your bio's, I'll have mine done soon. PM me anything you need to know, or anything you want to add.


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Incoming Bio

Name: Casteen Elias

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Faction: Raven Alliance

Appearance: Casteen is slim and tall at a height of 6"1. His hair is dark brown and shaved all over. His eyes are a blue pigment and his skin is tanned. He usually wears a grey opened trenchcoat with a pair of dark jeans. His boots are jet black. Casteen is built large and muscley.

Personality: Casteen is very agressive and fighting with the military for previous years has made him come to appreciate just how much assertiveness is necessary in a war enviroment. When in battle he will open fire on enemy units untill they are eliminated. Outside of battle he tends to ignore society itself in search of his next fight. He spends his earnt credits developing his HEAT.
History: Casteen fought for the Alliance military back in the days of organized government. He fought many battles on the planet holding off numerous enemies whilst protecting vital resources necessary for the maintenance of the Trenches. 2 Years ago he enlisted in the Silhouette program with the promise of becoming a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Not long after the program was shut down, The Raven Alliance contacted him in an attempt to strengthen their force. Casteen was roped in when he was promised his own custom suit that would function alongside his Wraith enhancements. He worked closely with the engineers in creating his HEAT and has since always had his own private team in order to make any customizations.

Name: MirrorShot

Statistics: O:7 D: 4 S:5

Weapons: Right Arm: EDO Particle Rifle. The weapon is held in the hand of the HEAT and fires medium to long ranges shots of pure EDO energy at a target. The energy is powerful enough to rip through pieces of some types of armor

Left Arm: Photon Obliterator. This arm weapon works at melee range only. When the weapon comes into contact with an enemy suit, it sends an overpowering charge through the enemies systems, Overloading its main circuits.
Right and Left shoulders: Shoulder mounted gattling guns. High-calibur rounds firing at 30 bullers per second. The weapons operate at close to medium range. The bullets rip apart small links between joints aswell as damaging weaponry.

Fighting Style: MirrorShot usually keeps medium range with a target primarily using the gattling guns to tear apart the enemy. Casteen takes full advantage of the HEAT's thrusters during this battle phase in order to keep fire up and dodge incoming attacks. For faster moving targets MirrorShot is kept at a distance and primarily uses the particle rifle to take it down from a distance. Against large or slow moving targets Casteen gets a good angle on the enemy and thrusts in at full speed placing one or two well places hits with the Photon Obliterator to overload the entire mech.

History of manufacture: MirrorShot was developed by the Raven Alliance. Raven used all available and up to date tools and weaponry to create the HEAT. It was built to prioritize offense above all other battle tactics. Raven Alliance created MirrorShot to accentuate Casteen's fighting style and personality, and also to have a very very powerful name to their image.

Additional Information: The main color palette used on the HEAT's design consist of dark grey, white and red. The white pigment being the full body color and red and grey making up the striped and subtle patterns across the various parts.



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Name: Costanzas Deckard

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Faction: Halcyon

Appearance: Costanzas is of a built, but slight stature with a height of 5’9”. His black hair is kept either in a mullet or tied back during missions. He has hazel eyes and fair skin. He usually wears a muscle shirt and thick slacks, and keeps a knife and sidearm on him as a habit.

Personality: Costanzas presents himself as a reluctant hero and will very much prefer to observe and support, and rely on the environment and resources to achieve his goals. Years of fighting in open warfare have made Costanzas sick and tired of the battlefield and he will very much search for the stealthy alternative. While he recognises the importance of using his credits to maintain his equipment, Costanzas has regularly left a small pool of cash to spend on one or two trinkets that remind him of his humanity in a very much dehumanised world of fighting, and lives for the happiness of others, including an ex-wife who works as a mechanic for the assorted HEATs in Halcyon, and a teenage son.

History: Costanzas was part of a splinter faction from a private military company that had been bought out, seeking to undermine the larger, more belligerent company with tactics that ultimately silently brought it down as their equipment and funding collapsed around them. Costanzas utilised his then-recent skills as a participant in the Silhouette Program to specialise in stealth and sabotage, siphoning resources off to places where they would never be seen again.
They escaped and were taken in by The Overclass, who were ironically set to overtake the company that had been their problems for so long. While Costanzas was content to do the dirty work for the criminals that ran The Overclass, the paranoia that ran within the ranks was eventually unbearable, and Costanzas defected before they saw his value as a Silhouette Program member outweighed by the false accusation that he was going to ‘lead the rebels’ against The Overclass.

He considered a proposal from Raven Alliance before ultimately ending up in Halcyon, noting that the war would not be any better off from a balance standpoint. The practical versatility of Halcyon’s resources was also what drew him to the company, and while the technology he maintains on his HEAT is not bleeding-edge, its adaptability is what keeps enemies on their toes and on the lookout for the familiar arsenal of silent warfare.

Name: Sidewinder

Statistics: O:3 D:6 S:7


Right Arm: EDO LDS (Limited Distance Stream). The weapon is built into the arm which is shorter than the other. As the name implies, the LDS is a short-range, close-quarters weapon that fires a short, sustained burst of focused energy which lasts about a second for every shot. It is a crude design that has been constantly improved by Costanzas and other various teams and is now a workhorse for a variety of cutting ‘lasers’ in both Halcyon military and industrial applications.

Left Arm: Intelligence and Physical Defense Guard. The arm itself is a two-piece component of high-density radomes, one located on the upper section of the arm and the other on the lower section of the arm. The arm is used for extreme long-range detection and multipurposes as a signal jammer, using a whole library of jamming programs to render the HEAT near-untrackable via conventional means. The library itself is contained within a unit near the HEAT’s core and consists of a finite but extremely vast Halcyon collection of known signal jammers throughout development history. The other main use for the radomes is to operate the RPW Accelerator, which requires an extreme amount of manual and electronic targeting to operate effectively. Theoretically, the Guard can be used for physical defense against weaponry, but this would more likely than not cause unwanted damage to the systems within the radomes.

Right Shoulder: RPW (Repulsion Polarisation Wave) “Long Tom” Accelerator. The concept of HEATs operating artillery pieces on the battlefield is an age-old concept, but most are externally manned and often fire-and-forget, including missiles. The RPW Accelerator is built from the concept that the tracking of enemy long-distance ordnance is derived from the heat signatures given off, whether it be from rocket propulsion or from the explosive heat signatures of bullets and cannons.
The RPW Accelerator is an in-built shoulder artillery piece that fundamentally works as a railgun, launching ordnance of adaptable types at extreme long ranges to deal damage silently and without detection. The range at which the RPW Accelerator can reach is proportional to the amount of energy needed and the amount of calculation required from the Intelligence and Physical Defense Guard. Its theoretical range is inter-continental – however for this to be achieved, Sidewinder must be “locked down” and usually attached to an external source of power, and even then a variety of environmental factors make this weapon inaccurate the further away the distance.

However, as a general-purpose long-distance weapon, the RPW Accelerator is capable of tearing apart basic HEATS and inexperienced pilots in less than a minute, the time it takes for a sniping position to fire three AP rounds, and is capable of firing smaller, closer-range rounds at a slightly faster rate, although the weapon has been maximised for long-distance sniping/face-to-face fighting.

Left Shoulder: Rapid grenade launcher. This is typically anti-personnel, although it has also been adapted, albeit crudely, to fire other things, like flares, unmanned aerial vehicles, flechette shells and smoke grenades.

Fighting Style: Sidewinder has been aptly named for its bizarre ability to crawl sideways on two legs and a hand quite rapidly, usually to present a lower profile in the environment towards searching enemies, or during missions requiring a degree of stealth. This is also named after the form of movement of various legendary snakes.
Sidewinder’s thrusters are mainly used for rapid, explosive dodging as most of the HEAT’s speed is maintained from its light weight and powerful legs with a stable, low centre of gravity. As always, Costanzas’ goal is for practicality and adaptability. Sidewinder is not immediately built for direct confrontation – in fact where environment is lacking in a close-combat environment, the first point of order is for Sidewinder to create environment, often with a combination of smoke grenades and jamming signals. Costanzas then usually will follow up with the Limited Distance Stream to gradually cut away at parts of the enemy to whittle it into scrap, aiming especially for limb joints.

But as always, the effectiveness of Sidewinder lies in ambush and sniping with the RPW Accelerator, using hit-and-run tactics that leave damage to not only the HEAT but the pilot’s morale.

History of manufacture: Sidewinder was not immediately called Sidewinder, and before the concept of a support HEAT was developed, the project was called AimNineD. Costanzas was naturally adapted to the project, as his knowledge of guerrilla tactics and espionage fit in with the project’s aims.

AimNineD was integrated with a research project into improved methods of repulsion, labelled ‘Code Rex’, and the railgun concept was recycled as an integrated shoulder weapon, completing the non-confrontational support weapon that complemented the peacekeeper image of Halcyon. Sidewinder was deliberately publicised, but not explicitly shown to public as such, the ‘peacekeeper’, and vague urban legends on the HEAT have been on the battlefield only recently. Halcyon alleges to have multiple copies of the HEAT, although the mix-and-match nature of Sidewinder has experts doubting that such a weapon built from the various parts of older weapons could be stockpiled and maintained by the finite supply of government resources.

Additional Information: The paint job of the HEAT predominantly varies according to need, but usually ranges from sandy-orange to faded-khaki or mud-brown-black. When not being prepared for missions, Sidewinder is usually scrubbed down to its dull, machined grey.


Joe, Arcana
Just a note. For various reasons to do with the story (and a side project thing I'll mention soon) we should have a numbering system similar to the destrillians prototype numbers in order to keep track of the RP'rs HEATS and other character HEATS that are going into the story. So once you've done a bio, pick your number between 1-50 and i'll add it to the list.
At the moment its mainly so I can start putting in the other story characters.

4. Sidewinder - Costanzas (Satsu)
11. Diamond Sentinel - Aurora (Adri)
19. Mirrorshot - Casteen (Arcana)
23. Heavenly Tengu - Ran. S (Mumble)
27. Sonic Boom - Malcolm (Dalik)
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#27 Sonic Boom

Name: Malcolm “Mal” Flynn

Age: 23
Gender: Male
Faction: Raven Alliance

Appearance: Mal’s 6’ and rather muscular. With his shaggy brown hair and dark blue eyes, Mal has a rugged appearance. He wears a beat up blue hoodie over a black shirt with a pair of dark blue jeans and black high tops.
Personality: Mal’s pretty laid back. He likes to relax when he’s not fighting or screwing around in the development labs. He loves working alongside the Raven Alliance scientists to create new parts and add-ons for the HEATS. He usually is the test subject for a lot of their new technology.
History: Mal started out as a simple mechanic. Doing various odd jobs fixing things in the trenches. He was hired by the military to keep their vehicles in working order for a while before they discovered he was a pretty good fighter as well. It was shortly after this that his superiors suggested he enlist in the Silhouette program. After looking into it, and discovering they’d be using some more advanced tech, Mal jumped at the opportunity and enlisted himself.

After the program was shut down, Mal traveled around a bit, doing odd jobs and gathering his own parts. After hearing that the big companies were helping Wraiths create their own HEATs, Mal attempted to create his own, he had gathered quite a few parts during his travels, but he wasn’t anywhere near getting it to work. So, when he was contacted by the Raven Alliance to work for them, and get his own HEAT, he joined up with them. Mal’s job for the Raven involves 2 things. Various jobs they send him on, in which he is usually testing some kind of new tech for the HEATs, and testing the defenses for the Raven Alliance.

Name: Sonic Boom

Statistics: O: 6 D:3 S:7

Weapons: Right Arm: Pulse Claw is a device that Malcolm designed for bringing his enemies in close. It’s a large claw that replaces the usually mechanical arm of the HEAT. The claw can launch itself off and grab onto enemies. It remains attached via a electrically charged cable. It has a range of about 50 feet. The electric pulse that runs through the claw temporarily overloads the area where it hits.

Left Arm: Particle Blade: A blade made from the same energy that charges the Particle Cannon. They both run on the same power, so the cannon can’t be used at the same time as the blade.

Left Shoulder: Particle Cannon is a large gun that fires a massive beam. It takes a decent amount of time before it’ll fire at full power, though it can be fired with out being fully charged, with a less powerful beam.

Fighting Style: Sonic Boom’s fighting style is primarily based in using its speed to its advantage. Because of it’s shields being stripped off in order to boost speed. It specializes in stealth attacks.

History of manufacture: Sonic Boom started out as blueprints that Malcolm created before he joined up with the Raven Alliance. He had gathered quite a few of the main parts he needed from doing odd jobs for companies. When he joined up with the Alliance, they took his plans and helped him create it. After building it, Malcolm realized it was far too bulky, and so he began tearing apart bits and pieces of it. A huge chunk of the armor was ripped away; leaving only what was around the cockpit. Every few months his weapons get changed because Malcolm is constantly testing out new weapons and strategies with Sonic Boom.

Additional Information: The body of Sonic Boom is painted black, while the edges and details are done in a dark blue color.

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Sidewinder for #4

As in like, the 4th Metal Gear :awesome:
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Here's mine. I was bored so I tried to add whatever came to me. Might edit the mecha parts but the wraith is what I wanted.


Name: Ran S. Halcyon

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Faction (Halcyon, Raven, Overclass): Halcyon

5’ 11” Tall, mostly clean face and with a short jet black hair. Eyes mostly red from being a Wraith or from his minor cybernetic upgrades, his body is fit to perfection due to some medicinal therapy and physical therapy he endured while undergoing the trials to become a Wraith. He habitually cleans his mech and his room from time to time but usually leaves his apartment a mess whenever missions arise.

He’s a very happy person from the get go, but always strived to show that he can be a powerful and useful asset to restoring the human race, he’s aggressive in battles that concerns threats towards the interests of the Halcyon faction. To this end, He spends most of his money on philanthropy development for Halcyon properties, developing better weaponry or further developing his superior AI C.E.L.T.I. with additional encryption protection to prevent others from stealing Halcyon’s secrets. A testament to his father’s cause.

Born to a very colourful and rich background, Ran was raised to be a mathematical genius inventor by his father, together they would invent the basic appliance tools that would be in use even to this day. He loved his father dearly despite the man’s strict and disciplinary methods because of his mother’s death, Ran would go on to be the most gifted student in the Halcyon alliance, his thesis on the possibilities of Machine and man uniting for a brighter future persuaded his father to fund his project in creating the Artifical Intelligence system named C.E.L.T.I. for benefiting Halcyon’s people and the fleet. Unfortunately, while completing C.E.L.T.I., Anthony S. Halcyon died by radiation poisoning while undergoing an experiment to test the prototype mecha named Heavenly Tengu. Ran would be inspired to partake in the conversion to a Wraith for the sake of his father and for the benefit of Halcyon. Because of his skill in physics, bio engineering and weapons development, he was instantly accepted by the company his father built to lead it. At age 21, Ran now officially owns Halcyon and uses C.E.L.T.I. and his trusted friend and confidante, CEO of Halcyon Industries Liara Cameron to run the company should he enter battle.


Name: Heavenly Tengu

Statistics: O: 6 D: 4 S: 6

Weapons: Right Hand and Left Hand: a pair of repulsor rays at its two hands, Back pack: a synthetic frequency blade which can cut through virtually any solid steel with the right calibrations or conditional settings by Ran, Right Shoulder: A large scale minigun on his right shoulder for long range firing, Shoulders: upper body outfitted with synthetic missile launchers mostly on the shoulders and finally the wing blades that accompany tengu’s flight capabilities allows it to grab its enemies due to the sharp edges at the tails of each ‘feathers’.

Fighting Style: Heavenly tengu relies on long range fighting, it does its best to stay away from the targets due to the little application of proper defence and energy shield, it makes up for its speed either to move further from the opponent or to close in on the enemy and land a devastating attack with its wings or synthetic blade. It can move at extremely fast reflexes without any damage to its pilot or equipment due to the alloy created by Halcyon.

History of manufacture: Heavenly Tengu was a prototype HEAT developed by Halcyon Industries in order to perfect the ability to boost its speed and offensive power without damaging its equipment or any ill effects on the pilot. It is unknown if it could survive a radiation induced environment due to its creator dying before such a test could be implemented. After Ran inherited it, he upgraded the Tengu to have razor sharp wing tips and carry a synthetic blade from the scraps of the failed models before it. It has traded its Defensive capabilities to accommodate the AI, CELTI. But with her entire systems installed, Tengu’s speed and reaction time is enhanced. It is the most expensive mecha ever created by Halcyon and the only one of its kind due to the various weaponry upgraded by Ran.

Additional Information: Tengu carries an overall red and gold scheme; its wings are entirely red, the ‘feather’ tips are gold with its weaponry coloured red except the sword, which is gold. C.E.L.T.I.’s presence in the Tengu system is a test run to prove Ran’s theory that an AI with an unpredictable code string and system structure cannot be read by the enemy and that she would allow Tengu and him to move more gracefully without the weight problems seen in most mecha, however Tengu is fitted with very little amount of defences and if not careful, could be very fatal to the machine and Ran himself.

Sheva Alomar

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Still working on it, obv, but posting what I have.

Name: Aurora Leigh Kimalma

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Faction: Halcyon

Appearance: Aurora has a dark tan complexion to compliment her modestly toned body and stands at 5’ 6”. She has piercing green eyes and wavy, vibrant indigo hair. It is usually braided and reaches her lower back. Aurora wears a light green, nylon sports bra and roomy, black cargo pants of the same material. Form-fitting metal armour encases her whole right arm with a shoulder guard topping it off. On her feet, she wears flip flops if she isn’t going barefoot.

Personality: Aurora is a happy-go-lucky girl that tends to enjoy the simpler things in life. Although she is surrounded by technology, her prime interest is nature and what it must have been like to live on Earth. She’s very social and has a gentle nature if she isn’t fighting for what she believes in. Even though she generally has a mild demeanor, Aurora sometimes displays a physical strength—if only accidentally—when she gets really excited. She’s aware of this suppressed power, but is always surprised when it surfaces outside of fighting.


Name: Diamond Sentinel, #11

Stats: O: 3 D: 10 S: 3


Fighting Style: The Diamond Sentinel was made to be primarily a tank.

History of Manufacture:

Additional Info:
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Hay if you wanted me to durawzu your HEATo then you need to throw me a bone

-desu :wackymonster:

Update: This is my own character an' shit, I did it first so you can have an idea of what my style is going to be like (proportions are pretty different to what i usually do lol)




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Just gonna wait on Scott's bio. After that anyone who wants to join can, but gonna go ahead with the RP anyway. Probably have the intro post up this week.


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Drawing is pretty much done, needs much more refining but I'll send it over tonight for a look-see.
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Num #0





Faction (Halcyon, Raven, Overclass):
Unaffiliated, HEAT stolen from lab amongst the Overclass

5"11 Mid-length black hair, tied back at the back with a red rag. Hazel coloured eyes often confused with pitch black due to the cold look Hiro tends to pass off to those around him. Lean but muscled body hiding scars from battles under his shirt. Often scruffy in appearance unless trying to assimilate into polite society to which he shaves off his usual stubble and loses his cold demeanour to reveal a surprisingly charming youth with a dazzling smile that tends to catch most women unaware.

Tends to appear cold and ruthless, often only showing emotion when fighting either in or outside his HEAT. Raised to integrate into any level of society giving him the ability to appear more charming than he would normally like. Although often cold and calculating he has a strong morale character that is the backbone to his entire being.

Hiro was raised in a small settlement located on the surface, born to a semi-wealthy family Hiro was raised the son of a high level politician with strong ties to the Raven Alliance. His mother a scientist who’s main area of expertise was the use of renewable energies helped to develop the solar powered engines later used by the Raven Alliance to propel the trenches above the earth.
As a result the Overclass company continually assaulted both of Hiro’s parents to join their cause but were continually thwarted by both his parent’s, knowing that the Overclass would merely use the technology to tighten their grip on the people and wage war with the other factions.
One night the Overclass sought to abduct Hiro and use him as leverage against both his parents, however not counting on his father’s will to defend his family both he and his wife were killed by assassins leaving Hiro an orphan and in the custody of the Overclass.
Not an organisation to waste resources the Overclass seen Hiro as an asset to which they could use as opposed to a human child. Raised from an early age Hiro was placed in the assassin branch of the Overclass, from his first steps to his first kill each move was orchestrated to have greater meaning and secure the boy’s obedience within the organisation. When Hiro turned 16 he was transferred to a special branch of the organisation, dealing with integration in higher society. Hiro was schooled amongst the richest families within the trenches and as a result is fluent in multiple languages. Showing both cunning and intellect far superior to his classmates Hiro was put forward for the silhouette programme at his masters request, it was here that Hiro was exposed to multiple scientific tests outwith the comfort of the Overclass. Hiro befriended a lab assistant during this time, seeing a father figure he never had growing up, later on the man would reveal knowing much more about Hiro than he had led the boy to believe telling him of his family and how he had worked with his mother on earth.
Once Hiro knew the truth of his lineage everything changed inside the boy, no longer innocent the boy became a man and the anger and hatred he held for his targets was replaced by a deeper sense of revenge towards those who had trained him into the human weapon he was to that date.
Once Hiro was released from the programme the Overclass reclaimed their trophy and began his training to pilot HEAT’s. Hiro seeing this as his chance to strike back against the Overclass threw himself headfirst into training with different varieties of HEAT’s, developing his own style and fluidity on the battlefield.
Once his training was finished the Overclass seeing themselves now as the organisation with the ultimate soldier decided to allow Hiro direct influence in how his personalised HEAT would be developed.
Hiro chose parts from various HEAT’s he had been pitted against and knew the company would "acquire" anything he needed. Feeling nostalgia for what he had learnt of his parents Hiro decided that the power source would be the latest miniaturised version of his mothers solar power source.
Now armed with a suit that could topple armies, Hiro lashed out at those who had raised him and killed his parents. Destroying a large military base and all personnel who dwelt their only to escape with his HEAT and was last seen heading to the surface of earth.


O: 6

Beta cannon MK1:
Large pulse weapon cannon based on ionised particle streams, essentially requiring the HEAT pilot to overload the gun to fire one large hyper shot that encompasses a large area of attack.
Often used to descimate bases and multiple targets at once however requires a min of recharge time unless located in areas of intense sunlight to which point the beta drive is recharged faster due to the increase in outer power.
Located on the spine of the Heat the cannon is actually used as reinforcement to the exterior of the HEAT while not used, when activated however the locks disengage and the cannon latches itself onto the right hand shoulder of the HEAT while the pilot is given a HUD that can be used to fire the weapon from great distances.
Beta Cannon MK2:
The same cannon as mentioned above but used in a varient fashion, the MK2 of the beta cannon uses smaller clusters of fire to give an accurate fast firing energy weapon used to wear down shield technology and armour. The HUD used to essentially snipe small locales that the pilot deems targets and the processing time significantly improved to enhance fast efficient combat. This version of the original MK1 design can be used in two fashions, sniping and assault mode.
Assault mode encompasses the ides of an energy machine gun where as the sniping mode places more power into smaller blasts causing more damage than that of individually fired shots from the assault mode.
Energy lances:
Twin energy blades revolving around an extremely hard alloy used for tearing through armour. The blade made of this metal can be used on its own or when activiated the energy flow used in the beta cannon is ionised and fired around the blades to give an extra edge when needed. When an energy flow is fired at the HEAT the pilot can improve defence by crossing the blades and intercepting the attack, using the energy from the blades to reduce the impact and in some cases nullify the attack fully.
These blades are used as a quick attack means and seen by the pilot as an up close deterrant, essentially created to gauge the opposing HEAT easily.
Smart orbs:
Fired remotely by the pilot these 25 orbs are used to attach to the enemy HEAT and electrify it with extreme currents. The orbs each fire small-contained EMP pulses often used to disengage the appendages of the HEAT it has attached itself to for short periods of time.
Due to the concentration required when firing them, the pilot’s manoeuvrability is extremely hindered while using these.
As well as providing extreme currents on an attack basis the 25 orbs can be rotated in front of the HEAT to create an ion field that feeds upon energy based weapons, when this is engaged the pilot creates the physical field in front of the HEAT, when an energy blast hits the wall the ions feed off the outside energy and then feed it back upon itself essentially creating a reflective screen of energy.
XM buster: An improved version of the energy lances, this blade is made of the same precious alloy and is crafted to be wielded as a 1 or 2 handed sword. With impressive reach the XM buster is used to cut through enemy HEAT’s like they were nothing. With the added boost of direct contact with the core power source this weapon’s energy output far exceeds that of the lances and can be used to negate energy attacks/shields as well by adjusting the frequency of the blades energy.
The weapon much like the Beta Cannon is housed within the HEAT, mounted on the right hand side this blade serves as reinforcement for the side of the pilot’s cockpit. Once released the weight of the HEAT is reduced and mobility is slightly increased.

Fighting Style:
The Reaper was designed as a multi-purpose HEAT, pushing the boundaries of speed and attack to create a machine capable of breaking through even the toughest of defences with the Beta Cannon then pushing through to take out the remnant forces of the enemy with the energy lances.
Hiro however uses a mix of hit and run tactics at the beginning of most battles often testing his opponents to guage their abilities before truly showing his power, often running his HEAT at 40% of optimal output.
As the HEAT was designed to be agile and hard hitting Hiro tends to use the sniping functionality of the HEAT to pick off smaller targets before closing in on his prey, using distance to his advantage Hiro often confuses the enemy by firing accurate shots in vital areas before moving to a new locale meaning lock on’s are near impossible without advanced tech.

History of manufacture:
The Reaper is a whole new way of assimilating technology, as the Overclass often stole their tech and scientists from the competition Hiro was constantly at the lead of new advances and as a result posessed a keen edge to most weaponry used within the opposing organisations.
Picking what he felt was the best of all worlds allowed the Reaper to be born, a devastating HEAT matted in black to disguise itself for night attacks as well as an adaptable camo system using low heat signatures to evade most radar systems as well as running a stealth capacity.
The HEAT itself is propelled by thrusters attached to the arms and legs as well as the back of the mech, these different propulsion units can be varied to give optimal turning capacities when in battle and the output from the engine can be modified to evade heat monitors.
As well as incorporating the new drive system, Reaper has a redundancy drive that is shileded from any outside attributes (EMP's etc) when the main drive is inactive this drive kicks in and runs on a nuclear power source.
The second drive can also be removed from the HEAT upon driver command, when this is initiated the core can be detonated remotely and has the power of a nuclear bomb.
This is only used however in desperate circumstances and critically affects the maneuverability to the HEAT as a result.


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