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Hello everyone. New to the forum


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Greetings. Just joined out of boredom. Looking to making new friends.
You may call me Felix or Vincent, whichever you desire is fine.
I've been a long time fan of the Final Fantasy game series. And very excited of course, for the VII Remake.
A little bit about myself well. I was born in December, 9.
I am just your typical introvert nerd.
I am into drawing, writing poetry, fics and roleplaying. I enjoy singing and memes. I also like to make GMVs for Youtube.
I also love cosplays. Music is a passion. I enjoy listening to almost every genre.
I of course love gaming. Code Vein, Fire Emblem, Kingdom Hearts, Persona 4 & 5 are some of my other favorite games.
I'm a horror and dark fantasy fan too.
I love making new friendships even though it takes me some time to warm up.
I'm usually on Discord, Facebook and can also be reached at Tumblr a lot of the time.
Vincent Valentine and Prompto Argentum are two of my favorite characters in the whole series of Final Fantasy games since I can relate to them both in different ways.
Final Fantasy is both a passion and obsession of mine.
I do enjoy long conversations. People are fascinating. I try not to judge since I am a very open-minded individual.
I myself was born female but prefer to be looked at and refered to as male.
I do hope to enjoy myself here and meet a lot of you.
And that's that for now.
You're not a fan of Felix Fraldarius by any chance, are you? Asking for a friend.
Prompto is by far and away my favourite character in FFXV. I love his positivity and his loyalty and I relate to his self-doubt.


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Welcome! Vincent Valentine is one of my favorites too. He has such a good, but sad story (but then again, don't most FFVII characters?)
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