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Hello TLS!


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I have been lurking for a few weeks and have decided to start an account and join the community!

Some facts about me:
  • I've been a FFOnline member since 1997 but since the community has all but died due to various site ownership changes and their loss of interest in the series- I now would like to be apart of an active ff community. So, I'm here!
  • I am an online business owner that created an interactive clothing brand that teaches finance.
  • My favorite FF games are the ones with Hironobu Sakaguchi playing a major role. I have been mostly disappointed with any entry absent of him.
  • I played FFXI for nearly a decade and was able to get lvl 99 of every job class.
  • Aside from this series I like Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Uncharted, The Last of Us, and Rocket League among many others!
I'm happy to be here and have some fellow fans to discuss FF with!


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Also, I know all of these words, but I've never seen them together and in this order. What exactly is that?
:tearsofjoy: I understand how you feel, I'm still trying to find a simple way to explain what it is without demonstration lol. So I was a financial advisor but left that industry because I felt this information needs to be widely distributed and can solve a lot of societies issues. There are great limits to what a current practicing advisor can say and do without fines and penalties. I think this might be why the information hasn't been widely distributed, that or the world is filled with greedy people...

Okay, so here's an example of how it works:

When you scan a QR code that is featured on our clothing you are taken to an interactive story telling experience. If you want to see that experience before I tell you what it is you can scan this QR code as if it was on a shirt. Most smartphones have a QR code scanner built right into the camera now.

For the rest the experience goes like this:

Once scanned the default browser opens and the user is taken to a website that asks the users age. This determines the outcome of the experience greatly.

Once the user has done that the experience begins with breaking the 4th wall immediately and informing the user this is their story.

The screen goes black and a piggy bank comes into view. Once the bank is tapped the screen flashes white and the piggy bank comes to life and introduces itself as the users piggy bank. It is very excited to be alive but also deeply concerned about a group of villains that are set out to smash all of the worlds piggy banks. These villains each represent an industry that profits off of people's addictions and they are anthropomorphic cartoon hammers (thus the bank smashing).

The Hammer Gang:
  • 💊 Dr. Pillsworth
  • 🚬 Ash
  • ☕ Kaffy
  • 🍸 Chuggs
  • 🎮 Adrena Seasons
  • 🎰 Lucky
  • 🍟 Grubbs

The piggy introduces each villain and what their industry does to prey on it's customers. At each villain the user is offered the opportunity to input the daily, weekly, or monthly expense their addiction causes them. This is then put into a compound interest calculation that examines the financial opportunity that will be lost during the time-frame of the users current age (or whatever age the user put at the start) to the age of 67 (when you can retire with full SSI benefits in the USA).

There are two major things I want people to take from the experience:
  1. Compound Interest and Finance are VERY important to learn. Maybe as important as reading and writing.
  2. If we knew more about finance we might make much healthier consumer choices.

This was developed as the first chapter of content and was designed to help the audience develop an interest in finance. Since the catalyst is addictions I also created a 30-day companion podcast for people who wish to quit smoking. It's currently the number one ranked Quit Smoking podcast on almost every major platform. That was meant to just be a side thing of me documenting my own experience with quitting the habit, it ended up being a bit more successful then I thought it would. The last portion of the first chapter of content is a compound interest calculator which those who would like to input their own data can do so at their whim.

The second chapter is in development and the story side of it goes like this: The awakened piggy banks of the world are gathering together to build a school to teach finance called Dollar School.

All the content is free, I just sell merch. The goal is to create a brand that is more than a status symbol when you wear it. I want to bring value to everyone, whether they're my customers or not because it is my belief is that lack of financial education is why poverty exists.

I have a lot of hopes and plans for the company and am having fun being creative!
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