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Hiho community!

I just did read a personal message about this part, so here I go.

Basicly I played FFVII in my childhood and dedicated a LOT of work into it - including a hand-drawn info card collection about each monster, materia, item and major Shinra-Invention. Back before millenium and internet with actually good sources.

Well, this left me with much more knowledge about FF VII's fauna than most people - exspeciall those who played through only once.

For instance... even though it has been 20 years ago, I still know the name of that red reptile that got chocobo food to steal and can be found in the area before the digging site: Vlakorados. This name was so weird, that I just ended up burning it into my memory.

My nick name comes from the music that gets played in Jenova fights (not JenovaLIFE or JenovaSYNTHESIS though) and the appearance of JenovaSYNTHESIS, which is the best looking of the Jenovas.

I also love 'Electric de Chocobo' music :3

*Jenova-music playing*

For the most part, my console time is over, but when FF VII Remake was released and I watched a streamer going through it, it did stir my interest.

Well, not lying here: When I first saw it, I was like: 'meh, just the same with better graphics'. But then there were some differences right from the start. Nothing big but... good ones that added some flavor even before Mako Reactor 1.

Of course I also noticed minor changes instantly while watching.

Cloud not having Ice and Lighting from the start.
But in the end, it was nothing that thrilled me very much.

However, things instantly changed with
the Jessie arc
that added a whole new chapter of story. And I thought 'hey, actually, that is pretty good. And the
cat sanctum in Sector 7's slums
was also a cool addition. But nothing that would make me actually go back to consoles - exspecially given the fact that my highest Play Station is Ps2.

The ultimate change happened when one specific monster made its appearance. In all of Midgar before leaving in FF VII there is one clear favorite to me. Well, spot 2 takes the first boss, but another just has this certain type of buff that other monster do not have:
The Hell House!

When I watched the stream I was like: Oh hey, this is the area where it appears.
....it didn't appear. I was sad.
But then it SUDDENLY DID make an appearance. And WHAT an appearance that was!!
I LOVE what they did there in the remake!!

This was the point where I cut off the stream and made my decision: 'if a certain thing gets changed in the remake, too, then I will buy the specific console and the Remake. I talk about
preventing Aerith's death

In the end I learned, that the remake has multiple parts and by searching for an answer to my question, I stumbled over some spoilers about the remake that I didn't want to read, before I finally discovered this forum, which makes a really cool impression about some serious and dedicated FF7 discussions.

I hope that I can also use some topics inside this forum to stay updated of publisher's official statements.

I write a lot of text, when I am into stuff :D
Electric de Chocobo is my favourite too! I like to play it when doing the washing up or other chores, it makes everything more fun.

Welcome to the forums. We hope you stick around. Like Mama Dragon said, it's wonderful to see the Remake bring old fans back to the fold.


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I'm glad you're enjoying the Remake, enjoy your stay and have fun, Mother! --- I MEAN --- *Oops* --- EHEM!
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