Hey-Hey (Sugar, Honey And Don't Forget The Lard)!

Jimmy XH

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Hi all. I thought I'd join in formally having been following the forum for a while now. I went into overdrive after the most recent developments and just had to get involved.

I remember getting the game for Christmas in 1997 aged 11. It had been quite heavily marketed in the UK and when I received a Playstation shaped present I was desperate for it not to be FFVII as it didn't interest me (I was a Mario, Crash Bandicoot, Tekken and all the football games type player).

When the opening FMV started, I genuinely thought the disc wasn't working as it stayed on the star field for so long. Within a couple of hours, I was very much invested into Midgar and beyond, as I'm sure everyone else was.

The hell of Demon's Gate, the hours in the Battle Arena, the countless playthroughs since, it's hard to describe what this game is to me.

I cannot wait for all things remake related and hope to add a bit to the forum in the future!


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Make yourself at home here.

Also, this is a total side-note, but I have only ever heard of people putting lard in tea in FF7. Is this actually a thing?

Jimmy XH

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Maybe it was another of those translation errors that no-one has ever spotted and assumed it was right because Palmer is a big old lump. Perhaps he just meant milk...?
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