Hey VR nerds! Where you at?

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I often see people posting about this game or the other; I wanted to start my own thread to have a place for those of us who play VR, regardless of your platform (I have 2: OG Vive and Oculus Quest...but mostly just the Vive). Let's talk about VR stuff! Beat Saber, Elite Dangerous, SkyrimVR, whatever!

I'll start: I am absolutely jazzed for Alyx. Back in September or so, I bought the index knuckles (currently on the waiting list for the headset, I finally caved). OH HOW HAPPY I WAS to find out that was enough to qualify for getting Alyx for free! Hell yeah! I played through all the main Half-Life games multiple times (especially all the various HL2 games). Being blasted in the face with news that:
A - The next Half-Life game is actually happening, and
B - It's made for VR?!



I'm quite looking forward to it. And just over a month until it's set to release. Come on...come on....
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