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Sourced from https://gematsu.com/2019/06/final-f...event-new-events-dialogue-options-and-enemies.

Not sure if appropriate for a separate thread instead of putting it in the catch all thread. I figured we can discuss the keypoints here?

Highlights from the Famitsu interview:

  • The watchmen of fate (the black mist in the trailer) are mysterious beings that appear before the party wherever they go. I hope that even those who have played the original game will enjoy the new elements.
  • There are quite a bit of dialogue options. We are making it so the dialogue changes depending on your response, so the sheer volume of dialogue has increased.
  • The Honey Bee Inn cross-dressing event is still in. We’ve made it more modern. If we made the facility like we did in the original game, the physical unease would be staggering, so that was no good…
  • There are quite a few additions to the scenario. While the main story itself hasn’t changed, there are a countless number of new events. Otherwise we wouldn’t have two Blu-ray discs. (Laughs.)
  • Aerith and Tifa are double heroines. One has a western-style look and the other an eastern-style look.
  • We wanted Tifa to have abs, so she has an athletic body type. The ethics department at Square Enix also told us that we had to tighten her chest as not to get unnatural during all the intense action. From there we got the black underwear and fitted tank top.
  • With an emphasis on immersion and exhilaration, you can fight without stress through the use of shortcuts. When you open the command menu, time slows and you can fight like a command battle.
  • Each playable character has different enemy affinities.
  • An item is required for MP recovery.
  • For the sake of level design, we’re preparing a few new enemies where necessary.


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Sailor Moon, Mini Moon, Hotaru, Cardcaptor Sakura, Meilin, Xion, Kairi, Aqua, Tifa, Aerith, Yuffie, Elena, Misty, May, Dawn, Casey, Fiona, Ellie
Maybe another new scenario is having Cloud wear one of those Honeybee costumes as a bonus for dressing up like a woman, lol.


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Great to know dialogue choices are still in there. Wonder if/how they'll carry over choices to future games.

The wording about the cross dressing is intriguing - it's still in there but is different because of physical unease? I get that Nomura probably is being restricted on what he can actually say which won't help, but it really doesn't give you any indication as to what they've done. Hope they show it at TGS.


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I always thought in the remake, Wall Market would look more like Yakuza's Kamurocho (as in, a somewhat toned down from the real life Kabukicho). Lots to imply, less to show because of what graphics of this kind can do...?

On the other hand, Cloud's different dress choices will probably be reflected in his cross dressed model this time, so that should be interesting at least?


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That is very interesting.

It makes sense that Tifa would wear a sports bra. Somersaulting around the place with large breasts is not very comfy (I can attest to that).

I am very interested in the watchmen of fate. What are they? Are they evil... or are they actually good? Maybe they are trying to protect the planet from those with Jenova cells. I'm looking forward to finding out more about them when the game comes out.
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I had this long disscusion with my best friend, because I was sure Clouds uniform was violet when on field and dark blue when in battle. She insisted they are both violet. We went back and forth for 20min before checking the wiki. That's how I learned the definition of indigo color.
At least in Midgar it's gonna look blue anyway because of the lighting.
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