Hopes for the remake (story/content)

I could see them having indirect references to them. Like if in future installments there could be vistable locations/ruins found that refer to the WEAPONS as part of the Planet's mythology, and Omega is like vaguely alluded to in them, but not like explicitly acknowledged.
Also (leak related info)
some of the super boss monsters are apparently escaped DeepGround experiments released after the Sector 7 plate fall. Though they are apparently only referred to as such in game data/enemy info, not necessarily explicitly by characters in the game.


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I mean.

It's no different than Sora encountering Xemnas the Unknown secret boss in KH1 FM, and having absolutely no clue who he was, while the contextual evidence regarding said Unknown's identity leaves it clear for us the viewer/player. It's a subtle nod and continuity reference that allows for one perceptive or knowledgeable in the lore to pick up, while also just neatly fitting within the narrative on it's own.


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As with the original game, there will still be some changes. I'm just hoping they are changes for the better, to make the compilation less obviously welded on for Extra Importance. And hopefully less obviously out of tune with the rest of the game in terms of tone.

And I have faith now that they can do that. Salvage something of the compilation that is good while cutting out the horrendous.
Angeal is a character that I really liked in of Crisis Core. So, I am willing to listen to Genesis and his poetry if that means Angeal has a chance to show up in anything -- even as an image or something minor.


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I don't think square is going to renew their license with Gackt just to subject us to more Loveless. Angeal making an appearance I could see though.
Thank goodness. Genesis is from now on non-canon. I actually think Angeal by himself could have been a good rival with Sephiroth and could have went on the run from Shinra to join the original incarnation of Avalanche.


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I'm wondering if I may be a hypocrite. I tend to complain about how Genesis and Angeal are such "disjointed" characters, yet I love Reno despite the fact that his characterization is not cohesive. Perhaps it is simply because I find him interesting in the first place and allow fanfiction to fill the gap. Then again, I guess it's more that Reno was not bridged or developed, whereas Genesis and Angeal just spewed nonsense the entire time. Maybe I'm not a hypocrite. :P


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Reno is generally likable in all of his incarnations despite them not necessarily working together. Angeal and Genesis are both preachy and annoying, and don't do much to endear me to them. People harp on about genesis' poetry, but angeal's "SOLDIER HONOR, DREEEEEEEAMMMMMS" stuff was just as grating for me. They're both so one note.


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Cloud prepares himself for the final blow, finally settling the score with the man who took everything from him. His breath is calm, his eyes focused. This is the moment that past five years has been building to. Cloud takes a step forward, ready to end everything.

Just then, an arm appears from the void and wrests the buster sword from Cloud's hands. "LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" the bearded man bellows. "All of this wear, tear, and rust! Where's your pride in your weapon? Your HONOR!? This sword carries my Hope's and DREAMS, and you dare wear the mark of a SOLDIER? For shame." The man begins shaking his head.

Cloud is taken aback, not sure who this weirdo is or what he wants. "Hey, we were kinda in the middle of something here." Cloud says. "Could you give that ba-" just then, another figure emerges, descending from the sky. "Master, you're ruining my BFFs big moment! This is MY LIVING LEGACY here, I want to see this." The spikey black haired man grabs the sword, and he and the bearded man start wrestling over it. "I HAVE TO TEACH HIM HONOR" The bearded man yells. "He has honor. MY HONOR. What part of 'living legacy' aren't you getting here, man?"

The two continue to squabble as Cloud looks on. "Zack...? Is that yo-" JUST THEN a third figure emerged, in a big explosion of black feathers and J-Rock. "GUYS, I FIGURED OUT WHAT THE GIFT OF THE GODDESS IS!!!" "Shut up, nobody cares Genesis! Me and Sephiroth used to make fun of your dumb poetry behind your back!" "Give Cloud the sword back you fuck!" "Shut up puppy boy!"

Cloud walks over to sephiroth, who has been just sort of standing there for a while. "Hey man, you want to go get drinks or something? The mood has kinda been killed here." "Yeah, sure, why not." And so the pair walk off, shoulder in shoulder, as the mystery trio continue to argue in the darkness.

-happy end
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