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That's probably the best explanation for it. Although it's slightly implausible that someone that strong would fail so badly due to lack of confidence (because positive performance is what generally makes people confident). But that's within the bounds of suspension of disbelief for a fantasy story.

My brain threw an exception trying to process this sentence.
Aye suspension of disbelief is a given in this case. But on top of that you have to acknowledge that Cloud is extremely “triggered” in this scenario too, given the massacre and burning of his hometown/the life-threatening injury of his childhood crush or sweetheart, and his own wounds, all at the hands of the hero he looked up to throughout his adolescent life. Sometimes people find something in themselves that lies dormant when staring death in the eyes, that will to live at all costs or what have you, as is sometimes said.
Cloud said:
I'm physically built like someone in SOLDIER.
Hojo's plan to clone Sephiroth wasn't that difficult.
It was just the same procedure they use when creating members of SOLDIER.
You see, someone in SOLDIER isn't simply exposed to Mako energy.
Their bodies are actually injected with Jenova cells......
For better or worse, only the strong can enter SOLDIER.
It has nothing to do with the Jenova Reunion.
But weak people...... like me, get lost in the whole thing.
The combination of Jenova cells, Sephiroth's strong will, and my own weakness are what created me.
As Cloud explains, he didn't fail to make SOLDIER due to a lack of physical ability, as obviously the procedure made him every bit as strong as one. It was a lack of mental strength, because without it, Jenova's cells will dominate your mind, and you'll wind up like the black-cloaked clones.
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He picked him up off the floor using the sword that was impaling him, and then threw him across the room. That definitely counts as overpowering in my books.

That's what I'd originally thought. But I was thinking the Jenova cells were necessary to explain how he managed to get that extreme strength.

Because if he was capable of that kind of strength anyway, does that mean by the time ff7 starts, Cloud is basically a superhuman because he's also had Jenova cells?
Being wounded doesn't change his body mass though. If Cloud could pick him up off the floor when wounded, he could necessarily do the same when not-wounded.
Let's also remember that at the time Cloud wasn't even fully grown. He was a mere 16 year old.
Yuffie is a perfectly normal human sixteen year old girl when she does everything she does in her own Limit Breaks. And hers get pretty crazy. Sephiroth was wounded enough to not react as quickly as he should've from the earlier sneak attack.

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Gary Caelum

I'm afraid I don't exactly know how Encyclopedia Dramatica works. I think I've maybe read entries on there about twice in my entire life.
Is that supposed to be all factual but just exaggerated?
And why are they calling everyone Nazis for no apparent reason? Is it the Neogaf kinda thing, or something else?


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It's written in mid-2000s *Chan language, which relies on a bunch of outdated memes/memeified phrasing. I think at least some of it was written by members here - but idk who, or if anyone is still active. I believe the way ED works is that you write an article and it automatically translates certain words/phrases into something that links to another article. I think it's some shit like that at least.

I couldn't get through all of it again because I wasn't present for a lot of the shit that happened on AC.net, and it's pretty uninteresting unless you know some of the people. In any case, forums were more popular hubs for social media/fandom platforming, and AC.Net was massively popular. So yeah, lots of crazy.

Speaking of which, does anyone know what happened to Summoner Yuna? I am curious about her hot take regarding her husband's appearance in this remake :monster:
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Unfortunately Summoner Yuna probably ditched that username long ago, and I imagine it was a pretty popular handle from 2001-2010. Wherever she may be, she’s probably obsessing about something to the point of attaching her identity to it, a cycle of misery... or perhaps she’s grown? Best of luck out there.

(I wasn’t even around back then I’ve just lol’d at it long time)


Oh yeah, that article was definitely written to be full of memes and politcally incorrect pisstaking. It's based on true stories, but written from the perspective of... well, certain people :monster:.
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On topic, what do you think is going to happen with dialogue options? They occur in FFVII’s main scenes, with minimal changes to the story (dem love point tho) but adding a bit of control roleplay-wise during the main plot (particularly at the beginning) Does XV give you choices in the same way? XII certainly didn’t, and even in X it was almost entirely relegated to side content (aka not voice acted) iirc
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