Horizon II Forbidden West

Zero Dawn is one of the best games I have played on the PS4 and I am looking forward to replay it on the PS5. enhanced hopefully.

I am so hyped for the Forbidden West! I am hoping for flying mounts this time and a much bigger map. Better Melee combat! Great story and characters :D


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Excellent, so that'll be an early 2022 release window then (I think it's been years since a high profile title actually released in the year they said they wanted to release it in) - which gives me plenty of time to actually play Zero Dawn lol.
For some reason I thought you'd played it already?

It's incredibly good. I know I say that about almost every game I play, but I just loved the story. The gameplay was fun, but challenging for me at times.
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So excited. Glad I am skipping trailers because I will be playing the PS4 version lol, but I’m just really glad a sequel is happening.
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