How I would like to see the FFVII Remake done

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Ok guys we all know that the remake is on the way, when it's due to be released is another thing but here is how I would like to see it done.

The full game released in the same way that XV was released but with downloadable episodes of the entire Compilation of Final Fantasy VII so we can all play Before Crisis, Crisis Core and Dirge of Cererbus. Plus there is so much other things that can be added to the game like exploring Midgar, Gold Saucer, Wutai, Nibelheim etc

Whats your opinions?
We sort of already have a topic for this, so this may end up needing to be merged. Actually we probably have multiple topics for it, lol, but I know of one that we usually post all of our thoughts on the FF7 remake in.

I would like to see remasters/remakes of games like Crisis Core and Dirge of Cererbus. That being said, let’s let Square just get the damn remake done first lol. I don’t think they should try to add all of those stories to the remake. They may have already bit off more than they can chew, so let’s just get the game out first. That’s what we are all waiting for. If it’s successful, then they can think about releasing the other games and perhaps a FF7 sequel.

I’ll love the game no matter what they do with it, but personally I’m not asking for much with this remake. I want them to make sure to keep the materia system and somehow work it into their new battle system, I want the story to remain hardly touched, I want the game to be free-roam when you complete it, and I want the same open-world map we had on the original game. There will have to be some changes to the map I’m sure, but I want them to keep it open world. Keep Midgar closed off from it like they did in the original.

That’s pretty much all I really need from the game. But no matter what I will be there at the midnight launch and I will love this game either way. The only question for me is whether it finds a way to top the original, which no other game ever has in my opinion. It’s definitely a possibility if it’s done right, and that’s what I’m hoping happens.
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