How many of you knew this?

Did you know you could cast blizzard on the bubbles?

  • Of course I knew that

    Votes: 4 57.1%
  • OMG NO WAI! I had no idea! That's how you get that treasure chest!

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How many of you knew, that in Kingdom Hearts 1, you could cast blizzard on the bubbles in the Hallow Bastion level to freeze which you could then use as platforms and even get some treasures?

Someone posted a video of this online and everyone is freaking out because they didn't know that and... it just surprises me how many people did NOT know that :lol:

I'm not saying anyone is stupid or anything for not knowing, I just assumed it was common knowledge. I guess I should have said this along time ago, Ic would have been a KH hero or something. :monster:
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I won't say "of course" exactly - But I seem to recall figuring that one out by either using a strategy guide or complete accident as was my usual style. I tended to bumble my way through that game at release.
I did not know! I remember having trouble progressing through Hollow Bastion and often wandering about that dead-end area with the bubbles, feeling like there was some secret left there but I could never figure it out.

Now I know what the secret was! Don't remember if I ever spotted the treasure though.
I knew but only found out recently. I didn't even notice a chest there either.

Here's another, did anyone notice that the corridor before the final rest area is the ruins of Enchanted Dominion? You can see some thorns and grass and trees from the forest area.
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