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Now that the FFVII remake has been in people's PS4s for about a month and @looneymoon has provided the most perfectly appropriate note possible on which to end the prior LTD thread, I've decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on my horrific vision for this sub-forum moving forward.

Here's how we see it working: if you (for whatever reason best left to you and your friendly neighborhood psychiatric professional to work out) wish to engage in a discussion of FFVII's infamous Love Triangle Debate, you will select the thread pertaining to the paramters in which you wish to discuss it.

To clarify that, if you're a purist original gangster who wants to discuss this unsavory subject based only on the details included in the "Final Fantasy VII" that came out in 1997 -- no "Advent Children," no "On the Way to A Smile," no cameos in FFTactics or bizarre mobile games -- this is the thread for you.

If you want to discuss the Love Triangle Debate Remake, solely looking at the details of "Final Fantasy VII Remake" and nothing else, do that here.

If you want to discuss the LTD as it pertains to the original game while also incorporating the "Compilation of Final Fantasy VII" and related spin-offs, do so here.

If you want to do basically that same thing with the remake instead of the original game, go here.

If you just want a nebulous free-for-all in which anything you can reference goes, jump into this orgy.

The decision to set this section up this way is because, frankly, it's unnecessary -- and tiring for everyone -- for folks to talk past each other for pages on end when they aren't even agreeing on the terms of their debate. For whatever reason, the LTD has always readily lent itself to such dead-end discourse.

There needs to at least be initial agreement between participants on the boundaries in which the debate is taking place. And then the participants need to stick to those parameters they have agreed upon. These rules being in addition to
for the past nine years:

Ok. Staff have discussed it, and though many of them were in favor of just simply shutting it down for good, we have agreed to give it another shot.

I don't believe in dictating what people can or can't talk about, so I want to give this another chance to work and give everyone another shot at discussing this Debate that they seem to enjoy talking about.

Here's the deal, there will be no more toleration of any kind of foolishness. If you flame someone, you will be banned. If you troll, you will be banned. If you try and use past events as a weapon against people, you will be banned. Off topic bullshit isn't acceptable either, save the frivolous banter for the clubs please(which might I add, are a haven for whatever their subjects are, if you have a problem with whatever pairing or character the club pertains to, DON'T FUCKING POST any bullshit you have against them). ANYTHING not regarding the LTD and the pairings concerned is off topic, full stop. If you can't keep from doing shit like this, you may as well not even bother posting. Try and circumvent these standards and it will be treated the same as a violation of them. This is not a game.

If it gets so bad that we're banning too many people, we're going to shut down the entire debate for at least a year, but I don't think it will come to that. You people all have it within you to demonstrate basic civility and I expect you to do so. Despite how we may behave sometimes, we are not children.

Now myself and my fellow mods will not go for outright bans on every offense, we will mostly be issuing temp bans, but we do have the ability to completely nix your permissions to this thread and we will make use of it.

The premise is simple, discuss the LTD, do it respectfully and civilly, and we will have no problem. Don't, and I will bring the hammer of god down as fast the internet will allow.

All that said, have fun, and don't fuck it up.

Macros have been expressly banned from the thread. This has been said often enough. It is being added here so no one will have an excuse.

Does five threads seem like overdoing it? If you're familiar with the soul-sapping abyss that is the FFVII LTD, you know it isn't. (Besides, we already have a sub-forum for this topic; may as well make use of it as such.)

Even as wide a net as these options cast in covering the various angles of approach one may take to this perversion of peace and sanity, it's still not quite comprehensive.

What if one recognizes the original game, the Compilation, and interviews or other secondary material explaining authorial intent (e.g. Ultimania guidebooks) -- but not cameos or appearances outside titles with "Final Fantasy VII" in the name? So, no "Kingdom Hearts" games, no "Final Fantasy Tactics," no "Itadaki Street" titles?

Or what if they take the inverse of that position: the cameos are a go, but not the Ultimanias and interviews? Or either of those positions, except with FFVIIR in place of the original? Or any of those positions, only with some added nuance where recognizing the "Dissidia Final Fantasy" titles and/or their respective interviews and Ultimanias are concerned?

Well, at a certain point, grown folk just got to work out bullshit minutiae like that between one another. The five differing overall approaches on offer should (we hope) be enough to allow most of you to engage in the discussions you want to have while avoiding the detours you don't.

While on the subject of being grown-ass folk, if you have any notions of posting something like this, this, or this in an effort to villainize either Aerith or Tifa, save me the trouble of banning you from this section and just don't post.

Go forth now, discuss, and please be kind.
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