How to add images to posts from my hard drive

f a n c y

s y c a m o r e t r e e
The way I personally go about it is...

The image host site I use nowadays is

Create an account to keep an album. Upload.

Once they've uploaded, I click share, copy the direct link from the drop menu that opens up, and then sandwich that information between
If you go to "go advanced" (next to "post quick reply"), you'll see an attachment icon that looks like a paper clip in the border of your typing window. Click on that and a window will pop up, allowing you to upload photos from your hard drive. After you post, they'll appear at the bottom.


If it's for embedding, I've been using imgur for a while now; like photobucket used to be it's a no-nonsense image hosting thing, no bandwidth limits (as far as I know), private images, etc.

Off course, it'll only be a matter of time before they change their business model and start charging dank monies or restricting or something.
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