How to remake FFVII?


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Hello everyone. Didn't find a thread like this from the search.
Let's imagine for a little while we would be in such a happy position that we would not only agree to remake Final Fantasy 7, but we actually could affect the way it would be done. I know some of you don't want to see a remake and I don't blame you, but as a hardcore fan the whole idea of a possible remake is too intriguing for me to ignore. Let's not have a debate about this, as I think it is already done in here:

Rather, let's talk about how would YOU do it! I mean, there would so many new possibilities. How far would you be willing to go for possible alternations of the game? Of course, graphics would be up to today's standards.

Myself, I would not like to see quite a strict remake, but rather a "new" game with lots of content. Of course emphasis would be on the original plotline, but I wouldn't mind more optional dungeons or even new towns.

Here are some changes I would do:

Maybe three different challenge-modes (like extrahard with bad-ass monsters)
Change dungeons and towns perspective, the original has something I would call the "bird-perspective". I would prefer to look at it from Cloud's eyes.
Change world map to FFXII -style
Similar battle system from FFX
Make towns have more content, more NPCs
Make all sectors of Midgar available for exploring, but the problem would be how to connect this with the plot (maybe available from 3rd disc onward...)
More main character interaction, maybe via small-talk. This was done quite nicely in the FFX
I would definitely make Aerith resurrectable, eventhough it would contradict with AC. Wouldn't it be nice to get her back after such a long time!

I think some of these changes would be quite radical, as they could mess up with the storyline. But when I think about it, there won't be anything as special as original FF7 was and as such it will always hold a dear place in my gaming heart. However it's no use to get stuck with the past, but rather think of the new possibilities. For a longest time I've felt these new products to be so contradictory with the original title, that I no longer have energy to feel frustrated or betrayed. I welcome new changes happily, so bring it on!


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X-2's ATB is much more interesting than X's terribly static combat system, I'd go with that with XII style of overworld.


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This is how you do it.

Cut out Caith Sith.
Dont let the Enix part of Square Enix anywhere near it.
aaaaand put that "highwind" scene between Cloud and Tifa at the end of disk 2 back in!

- Make everything FFXII-esque (with the addition of the Materia system).
- Seamless transitions between battles and towns etc.
- Make a 16 bit playable version as a bonus. Give it a classic FF look etc.
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