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I gotta say... if your limit for names was just a bit higher my name would be TheRighteousHammerOfJUSTICE right now.

Anyway, I just recently got back into FF. Was looking for an intelligent forum to discuss ff7 cause ... well you guys know how it is.

I've played the majority of the series. My favs are 6, 7, 9, and Tactics. 7's my favorite but I try not to fanboy about it. I will admit it is not the Jesus Christ of gaming and not for everyone. But it still is one of my favorite games ever made none the less.

I am rather normal. Into books, comics, manga, movies, etc. I don't respond to aggression cause I have a tendency of getting even more aggressive in return: :catfight:. For the most part though I try to post intelligently.

Hope we get along well.

Celes Chere

Cause there's a character who always talks about kicking ass..with "The Hammer of Justice!" :monster:

So yeah, welcome to the forums. Nice avatar btw.

AMELIA IS FUCKING AWESOME. That's who you mean right I mean who else

Anyway, welcome to the Forums, teehee. :D
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