I think we need more forum mods.

I'm happy to be a candidate, but would suggest maybe fresher blood who frequent this forums regularly put up their hand. It's not that much of a time burden really, especially these days, and you can always immediately quit if it gets too much for you :mon:. I just want bots and dicks to be banned more promptly than is happening, basically. Not to throw current mods under the bus, of course.

Pros with me as mod: I have been mod before on the forums, and am currently a mod on discord, and neither has fallen apart... yet :mon:. I am also in the time zone when most folks are sleeping or at work, leaving this place vulnerable to the vestiges of evil for too many hours of the day, even if the response is punctual during waking hours :mon:.
Cons with me as mod: I generally avoid the fandom sections like the plague, but will happily ban dicks and bots if their offending posts are pointed out to me. *insert your own con here*.

TL;DR: If you agree with the title of the thread, vote Ghost X #2 (or maybe even #3) as a mod to ban bots and dicks :monster:.
There's a trash section, iirc, spammy things were once moved to. I don't recall / know the protocol these days. I'm happy with close and bans myself, except perhaps for the recent ones given the subject matter in at least one of them.

My issue is that threads were also open for roughly 24 hours or so (when I was paying attention). I'm not sure how quickly the perp was banned either, but they were able to reply after considerable time had gone by, imo.

This is not meant as a personal attack, to be clear. There's others with the power who hadn't acted either, and people are busy and have lives, etc, which is understandable. I am happy for your continued service, Forcestealer. It is more of a systemic thing, and I want to help out is all.
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