Idea - Square should ask another Studio to remake FF7


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Hideo Kojima has recently asked for another studio to remake Metal Gear Solid (1998) for next gen using the Fox Engine.

How about Square asking another studio to remake Final Fantasy VII using the Luminous Engine?

This way we not only get a fresh take on the game, as it will feel more like a reboot then remake, it will also free up resources and time for Square themselves.


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Might as well, the original staff that's still on board aren't getting any younger. If they keep procrastinating for a couple more decades we'd be at this point anyway.
I'd rather the original staff do a remake of ff7 then another group who is not as passionate about the game and only want the money or fame that would follow the remake. I for one don't want a remake because imho the game is already perfect and needs to be left alone but if it ever did happen the same group needs to do it.

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At this point, I believe other people are more passionate about FFVII than either Nomura or Kitase.

Maybe not Nojima, since that dude wrote a standalone novel based in the world of FFVII (i.e. not promoting an upcoming game or movie), but those other two I have little faith in. Don't know enough about Yusuke Naora to pass judgment either way.


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Or they could not remake the game at all and just let the original game be, just saying


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The talk of remakes gets on my grinds now because the fan boys (and girls!) won't leave it alone. What I have to say is, if they make the remake, then blooming make it. Otherwise, leave it alone. I'm not bothered whether they make it or not, but I'd still play it if they did.


I'm still excited about the idea but I'm not exactly pushing for it now. Still ambivalent about it. What I want for sure, with regards to FFVII, is just to hear some news about where the Compilation's going. Is it over? Are they gonna end it with one last game or movie, or a remake? Is there a new project coming up?

Just any Compilation news as confirmation that they have not abandoned or forgotten about it.


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To be honest I think it would be better for SquareEnix to remake Final Fantasy VI first, before touching FF VII.

Because they're touched up FF 1 and FF 2 on the PSP

Remade FF 3 and FF 4 on the DS

Given FF 5 a touch up on the Cellphone

So it would make sense for them to remake FF 6 and then THEN remake Final Fantasy 7


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I'd have to agree. For being one of the best RPGs ever (FF6), Square-Enix treats it like it never happened.

One of the greatest stories told on the SNES, and it still gets little respect. There's enough mods out there to make FF7 look new, anyhow.
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