If this is the answer, what is the question?

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This is a simple game used in shows such as 'Mock The Week'. All you have to do is reply to the answer by giving your own funny question.

For example:

If the Answer was "Serious, Harmful & Heroic"

You could reply with a question such as "What would the settings be for the world's most powerful vibrator?"


Once you have given your question, you can then leave an answer of your own for the next person to reply to. Use your imagination and just have fun basically :monster:

So lets start...

Answer: 8 Million.


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8 Million.
How many more people will be left jobless in the UK as a result of the budget's spending cuts?


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How many more pointless threads will be created by User Name in an attempt to get a spam section?

Mitch Connor

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y r u guys being asses. if u don't like it don't participate.

Heres an answer: With a spoon
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Let's face it guys, this isn't the worst thing that's happened.



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Post a Question is response to the answer of the post above you, and add your own answer for the next poster.


Answer: Start from scratch.
Question: What's the best thing that we can do with this thread?

Answer: An octopus and a business suit.

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Ummmmmm... thread is closed. :monster:

EDIT by X: But that doesn't matter to me because I'm an Admin!!!

In fact, the fact that no one can post in the Archive doesn't matter either, because I can edit your post to reply! :awesomonster:

Oh... and your question would be.

"Why isn't anyone else posting in this thread?"
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