If you were in the FFVII world as a non-npc


Pro Adventurer
AKA: You had the equivalent of a main character in terms of abilities. I'm poking at my MisterSpooks persona, for some future fan art commissions. I'd like to know what unique weapon and builds you'd envision yourself using.

For me, essentially the classic Thief/Pirate style build. Press the advantage, and focus on stealing while whittling down the enemy, or escaping when the tide isn't in my favor. Most of my elemental and healing would come from the stockpile of items.
Weapon types: Tonfas / Dual Daggers.
Iron Tipped Tonfas ( A )-( B ) ( C )--( D ) ( E ) (F)
Platinum Bangle: ( G ) ( H ) ( I)
Accessory: Sneak Glove or Protect Ring depending on enemy levels/types.

(A: Haste) +(B: Magic Counter)
(C: Gravity) +( D: Steal As Well
E: Poison
F: Exit

G: Steal
H: Death Blow
I: Morph

Strength: Medium
Vitality: Low
Dexterity: High
Magic: Medium
Spirit: Low
Luck: High
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