I'm Making a book out of Obstinate Melon's FF7 comic


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Hey all, I know many folks around here have read Obstinate Melon's hilarious and brilliant FF7 adaptation/parody web comic at some point.
With the remake coming, its an exciting time to look towards the future of FF7, but its also a time to look back on the past. Melon is someone
who grew up with the original, and has become bitter with Square and what they did with FF7 in the years that followed the original. That is
very much reflected in his comic, and the comic is drenched in 90's/early 2000's video game references and humor in general. It's very much a
look at what FF7 was to people back then, which is what really got me interested in this project.

I should say that:
1) I did get Melon's permission to make this book with his comic.
2) Nobody will be making any money off of this but the printing company, Melon and I won't see a penny of it. It's just for people who want it, not to make a profit.

The book will be self-print, made to order straight from the printing company.

Anyway, here's what the pages will look like:
(please ignore jpeg compression) Every page consists of 5 elements: The original comic page, the date it was originally posted on deviant art, Melon's description of the page, a corresponding image of the game to accompany the events portrayed on the given page, and an a e s t h e t i c ff7 page border on the bottom. All told the book will be around 500 pages (not sure on an exact number, I'm cutting it off at the end of disk 1 but his comic isn't quite there yet.)

I'm posting about this here both to see if anyone is interested and also because I could use some help. Most pages have that image of ff7 and a ps1 controller on them, but Melon references quite a few other games throughout the comic, so I change the picture to the corresponding referenced game. Thankfully I own most of the games Melon references, but not all of them. I was wondering if I could ask one of you guys to take some equivalent pictures for some of the games if you happen to own them? I need Silent Hill on ps1, Chrono Trigger on super nintendo, Ehrgiez on ps1, and Chocobo Racing on ps1. Here's the ff7 one for reference:
Midnight, 2001.jpg
(gets pretty cropped in the book huh) Don't worry about all the extraneous items, just the game and controller is fine (some set dressing could be fun though.) Any help would be most appreciated!


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Alrighty, I got the bottom-of-the-page image for Chrono Trigger from a swell dude over on the Chrono Trigger reddit page, so that's one down. Still need one for Chocobo Racing, Silent Hill 1, and Ehrgiez if anybody here happens to own those games~ :3
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