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what image host does everyone use. I'm banking on most using photobucket, but I'm too lazy to make an account so I just use imageshack... the fastest most anonymous imageloader on the webz....

But I'm curious... how big is imageshack? Its got to have loads of memory to store all those images from everyone...


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I use photobucket mostly. I've found it to be the most convenient. The only downsides are that they reserve the right to remove images plus their maintenance often involves an absurd amount of downtime. Imageshack is my alternative, though.


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What are the limits on video?

The file size limit is 100 Megabytes. The video length is limited to 5 minutes. If you upload a video longer than 5 minutes it will be truncated to 5 minutes.
Tinypic. I used to use imageshack but stopped when the pop-ups increased and started to bother me. I still have my super-old photobucket account, too, but I've pretty much abandoned it; personally, I find hosts where you don't have to make an account/album to be much less bothersome.
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